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A creature of Grimm. [WIP BACKSTORY]

Guest Bourneco

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Guest Bourneco


Jason Burger was born into a semi-respectable german family. They were of a relatively good standing financially and socially, but he wasn’t fitting into this family. Burger was an always odd child, more interested in researching the human body and learning of his heritage than most children his age, perhaps this was due to his families ‘heritage’. He was born into a tainted blood line… he was born into the family of Anton Burger- a famous Sturmbannfuhrer of the Schutzstaffel. Jason's father died in a freak construction accident. He was carrying a pallet of wooden planks, and slid from a wet concrete floor to the fencing, his head slamming into the fence,knocking him fully unconscious. He then slipped under the fence, getting a ten meter drop to a sandy bank below the site. His father died from a cranial fracture, a snapped spine and multiple head-wounds.

Jason was deeply distraught with this death. His mind already flooded with so much from his past. It forced him into a downward spiral. He visited various mental asylums, learning of the patients and their disorders. This only forced him deeper, as he saw himself in many of the cases. His slow descent slowed when Jason found his new favorite sport- it let him blow off anger, and often times it kept him ‘in check’. Air softing. Jason was among a select few allowed into the reenactments that were held in Germany. Jason was good at it, too. Slow and meticulous- his more honed side made its appearance. Little did he know, it would soon tie him to his past.

Jason and his family moved to London- here, he joined another team who hosted world-war-two reenactments. Jason, due to his German heritage and accent almost always got placed on the axis, and oddly enough, he was among some of the squad-leaders within weeks, if not days of joining, due to his tactical prowess. Jason grew into his heritage well- ruthless, even to his own friends on the field of battle. His past slowly fused with the present as ‘Grimm’ began forming. He showed himself in a ‘respectful’ manner, while remaining almost absolutely ruthless and distraught on the field. Grimm met a real challenge when an American player, who was like himself challenged his team. Grimm took the challenge, and he lead on with honor. During the battle, however, Jason had a dwindling amount of players on the field, from the two-hundred he started with to 50. One platoons worth of men. Among this was a group of three medics. Jason, having been a medic in his squad before hand, took up the roll. Picking up a medical kit and lighter equipment, he moved into the field. His numbers slowly grew, as some were captured and not killed. 50, to 70. 70 to 100. He was able to fight back, now. And fight back he did. He won with a crushing victory- and it gave him a thought to ponder. Perhaps being a ‘healer’ and a ‘destroyer’ is possible. Perhaps, you can do both. However.. his opponent wasn't so happy. At the staging ground for the battle, while Jason was preparing his debriefing, he was attacked by his opponent. Jason slammed his nose into the table and broke his index fingers, and ended up snapping his neck and tossing his body into the river. This was Jason's first kill. And it would be one he remembered very, very well.

Jason was a young man, now. His mind still twisted, sociopathic, sadistic and masochistic as ever, but with at least some level of ‘self control’ when it came to his urges. Jason soon moved to Czechoslovakia. Here, the rules were much more strict on his kind. After one of his manic episodes, Jason was thrown into a mental asylum. This gave rise to Grimm, fully. Here, he met a young boy by the name of Caduceus Rose, the two became friends, and they spoke. That is, until he stopped coming. Jason was distraught, and it only made him put one foot in the grave- or did it? Jason had lived and breathed beside these swine, and he decided enough was enough, using a fashioned shiv he stabbed his cell-mate fifteen times in the stomach, and another twenty times (Collectively) in his extremities. He was sick of it all.... By the time the infection had struck, Jason had killed another cellmate and sufficiently drove himself into a pit. He was injuring himself just to sleep. Scarred, and broken. In this new world, Jason was able to do whatever he wanted. Release his ‘true self’ onto the world. Make himself known, follow in his heritage, and carry on his family legacy…

Jason left Czechoslovakia. Here, he soon found that things were the same all around. Entire hospitals and streets filled with people turned absolutely feral. He was an angry wreck, beating himself up over what he believed to be the Teufel Hunden's work. The disgusting American's must've released this dastardly disease on the world. However, he found out that this may not be so true. Finding an old United States military encampment, just on the edge of the Chernarussian border. He came over a translated document from the Russian embassy in America. It spoke of 'A siege of extremely hostile people, screaming and moaning. Walking distortedly and often showing no regard for their own life.' However, it did not sway him in his beliefs. Thoughts went through his mind: 'Perhaps its fake? Perhaps their just screwing with us.' He was unable to beat this down. He came acrost what looked to be a German special-forces team. Stripping what he could from the bodies, he donned a Drager M65 and a Kommando Spezialkräfte Uniform. Grimm, now hell-bent on three things: Finding his good friend, Caduceus Rose. Destroying what he believes to be the work of the American's. And continuing the Burger legacy- be it by force, or otherwise.


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  • MVP

Nice man. Kinda reminds me of Rose's backstory. He is viewing this and I am sure he will comment.

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  • Emerald

Hm? Of course its like mine our characters are linked lol he was in the Czech Asylum were Rose's mother worked and brought Rose too as he had nowhere to go as school was too expensive, Grimm is one of the patients Rose befriended

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