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118.81 - Jonny Griscoe's Public Frequency

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*Static* "Bloody hell! Louie put the bloody beer down and get the bloody camera mate! It's raining hectic right now and'd be good for a conclusion shoot mate... What do you mean you don't want to get up you stupid bloody- *Static* Tell me honestly mate, what are you bloody payed to do..? Yes I do bloody pay you and in good Aussie money too, don't you bloody forget that i've spent some of my life's bloody savings paying for your bloody beers since 2005 so i'd shutup if I's was *Static* Mate I haven't left the bloody radio on... Oh shit mate sorry 'bout that, ought-a be payin' more attention. Right... G'day, names Jonny Gristoe, documenteur, care-giver and reporter; i'm in this bloody hell-hole of a village just north of this big airfield to the west and me bloody camera-man has gotten us lost again, we just got ambushed and our car stolen, left to stave in the woods, please if someone is listening, send help... Out" *Static*

Jonny Gristoe, 6:21:09 29/7/14

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Guest JordanVSGamingYT

*static* Wait is that *static* Jonny *static* Jonny, Jonny is that you? Do you remember me? Its me Mark, me and Dillon helped you *static* Jonny *static* cant talk *static* need *static* way to find *static* you

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*static* Wait is that *static* Jonny *static* Jonny, Jonny is that you? Do you remember me? Its me Mark, me and Dillon helped you *static* Jonny *static* cant talk *static* need *static* way to find *static* you

*Static* G'day mate it's good to bloody well hear from ya', me and bloody Louie over ere' 'ave been stuck in this bloody forest for a number of days now, zombies keep filter- *Static, radio cuts out*

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  • Sapphire

*Alfred picks up his blood battered radio, and presses it to his mouth. His lips touching the blood.*

"Jonny, It's Fish. You remember meee.. Don't you?! I spared your dainty little toes, you caught us outtt.." his voice groaned.

"You fucking saw us chasing you out the gates of the Trade Post!!!" his tone becoming more aggressive.

"You wasssn't meant to see us, we.. I mean I was going to pay back the debt I owe you.." his voice more calmer.

"I'll be seeing you.. Jonny.." Fish laughs as the radio goes cold.

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  • Emerald

*Stitches picks his radio up snickering at the all too familliar accent and flicks the radio on the static crackling as the radio jumped to life*

Hey Aussie boy, How ya doing? *Stitches snickered in his sadistic tone*

So Friend? Any troubles lately, You know I still owe you for that boat ride, I can kill and butcher who ever you need, Maybe have a pick nick with their entrails eh aussie boy?

*A scream of pain and desperation is heard in the backround and stitches sadistically snickers and the radio abruptly cuts off to static but not before the sickening sound of bones cracking pierce the static over the radio*

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