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cant join server?

Guest bobman235

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Guest bobman235

when ever I try to join the server throu dayz commander it says waiting for host, jups to the lobby for a split section and then goes to the mian menu of arma 2. help?

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Guest Grumby

You can't join through DayZ Commander anymore. You have to launch ArmA 2 OA via Steam and enable the DayZRP mod in Expansions.

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  • Emerald

Don't launch through DayZ Commander, you now have to manually launch the game via steam and activate the DayZRP addons manually.

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  • Legend

Yep, Rifleman and Grumpy have pretty much nailed it.

The only way you can get on the RP server now is using steam to launch it. Make sure you have your RP files activated on the expansions and use the correct remote link s2.dayzrp.com.

I will mark this solved ;)

Solution: You can only get on the RP server via Steam


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