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Camo pavilions

Guest Darcin

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So I had a thought. In the base building of ARMA 2 there are camo pavilions that provide some cover from airborn people looking down and immediately recognizing a cache. With RMod just over the horizon, perhaps we could add an item to construct one into the loot table? Right now a helicopter is the end-all in finding any camps in trees. This would provide some semblance of a countermeasure against a chopper, which is kind of an 'I win the game' vehicle in DayZ.

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  • Emerald

Camo netting does very little against helicopter camp spotting. Distance rendering is what makes it so easy to spot tents from choppers now. The pine trees are more basic, visually, and it's easy to spot the brown triangle inside it. I'm confident that camo nets would have the same problems. They'd just be big different colored green squares in the forest.

There is a very simple countermeasure to having your tree tent being found. Get more creative with your tent hiding. The pine trees are a very predictable and obsolete approach. Hide it amongst other hard objects like rocks, debris, etc. Make it look like it belongs there. For instance, I once hid a car for weeks between a bunch of other broken down cars NW of Tulga. Probably worked because the car was such a piece.

Hide it with the anticipation of choppers or infantry seeing the spot.

In my opinion, putting a tent in the far woods screams "Find me!"

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