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Return of Chrizze

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So, I decided to apply again since my last attempt kind of ran out of time. This time I will have just that, more time to screw around in DayZ. :)

I have been RPG'ing online and offline since the mid 1990's. I have been playing DayZ a lot on the regular servers, but have been struggling with keeping interest as these servers go down. I wanted a somewhat more long term gaming experience in DayZ, thus DayZRP is my logical choice of servers.

I also have about 900+ hours of Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay, and a little more on EVE Online. I play a lot of games on PC and console, as games are my addiciton. :)

I'm a social person that like to talk about all sorts of things, wether they be gaming related or not. I spend a lot of time on my computer as I am a developer, and subsequently I am also playing DayZ or other games in rather long sessions. I like playing in a group, I am not so much a "single player"

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  • Sapphire

Hello again(?) Chrizze,

You seem like a person that would easily make it through the whitelisting process. Just make sure that you name important details when explaining the KoS and other rules.

Looking forward to seeing you ingame!


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