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DayZRP News [July Edition]


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Thanks to SDS for the amazing adverts that they sent in for this months edition of news. If you want an advertisment in the next issue of the news then design one and send it to either of the Media Team and we'll see if it's good enough for the next edition.


Staff Changes

Voodoo > Voodoo

Othuyeg > Othuyeg

Staggs > Staggs

Husky > Husky

ConorXD > ConorXD

Moxy > Moxy


Spooner > Spooner

Graffels > Graffels

Astycc > Astycc

vYNNMR7.pngDayZRP second year anniversaryvYNNMR7.png

On the 24th of July we celebrated the second year anniversary of DayZRP! The mighty Rolle himself wrote a little personal note which can be seen here. On that page you can also redeem your own free skin.

So go ahead and get it while it's there!

There is a special thread about everybody showing which skin they got. That thread can be found here!

Please share with the rest of the community which skin you got.

Below are some memorable moments over the past two years, have fun!

The Infiltration By Soren2games

by DeadAntelope

by RoryShockedface






Community Contribution Awards

So, here are the winners of the Contribution Awards for July

1. IcyZ

[25 donation credits + automatic nomination for 2014 Community Member of the Year award]

2. Otmel Strangler

[15 donation credits]

3. AytonHunter

[10 donation credits]

Forum Highlights

Here are some of this months highlights directly from the forums go check them out!

Media Threads


The SVR media thread

The Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki have been making some amazing videos and photo's. On their first page they have a big selection of videos and screenshots! Go pay the thread a visit and browse through the pages. You wont be disappointed!


BigLittleShorts videos

Mister BigLittleShort isnt the 'Video Director of the Year' for no reason! His latest videos are just hilarious and very well made! His RP video's are amazing and full of adventures. Give this man some love and a big thumbs up for the amount of work he puts in every video!


Voedric's Media Thread

Voedric, better know as Ivan 'Ace' Kapralov, has recently been uploading some amazing high res images and videos! His latest piece of art is a 4 hour long video of the Trident Event that was held on the 12th of July. If you have not watch his video's yet or seen his photo's I highly suggest you take a look at his thread!

Off-Topic Threads

DayZRP Expansion Poll

Maybe you've heard something about it, maybe not but we need your opinion!

Check out the link above as your opinion counts!

What do you want us to improve / add

This thread is basicly about what YOU want to improve or be added to the game.

Tell us what you would like to see so we can keep improving DayZRP!

Tour de Chernarus v3

ArcticStarling is hosting the third Tour de Chernarus! The last two Tours were amazing and with this years new track this will be a real challenge for the contestants.

As usual the Media team will be present to capture it all.

Roleplaying Threads

Not all who wander are lost - Vesper

Vesper's Roleplay thread is one from the top! The stories she writes on here are very well written and sometimes emotional. Go give her some love for her hard work!

Warrior of Allah

Amir takes his Roleplay thread very serious and you can see that in the work he puts into this. The amount of detail and emotions in his latest thread are just mind blowing.

Take your time to read it, you wont regret it!

The Healing of Zuberi Ekwensi

A story about Zuberi Ekwensi, Tyrone Williams new character. This is a very nice and relaxed thread to read. Alot of work has been put into his thread, you can see that by all the pictures he puts in it as it goes well with the story. If you're interested in a relaxed story go check it out.

Settlements & Camps


The Hotel by Moxy


Solnichniy Gas Station by Shiro


The Mine by Mizzie

If you are wanting to check out the threads that are linked to the news stories featured in this month's news, then click on the links below and you will be directed to the specific one:

- FourFive Thread -

- Operation Trident Thread -

- CLF Thread -

- SVR Thread -

- Trade Post Thread -

Thank you for reading the first addition of the news written by GingerHippo and Mick Thompson, if anyone has any suggestions, PM them to us and we'll see what we can sort out!

This design is the new one which was voted by the community to be used for the monthly news instead of the first one which I put up for June News, it had a better response than the first one during the poll. We as a team have also cut down on the text as you didn't like to have a massive story to read but have ensured that all of the key details have been added into the stories without boring you.

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  • MVP

Great read, great layout

nicely done!

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  • Titanium

Nice read.CLF causing trouble like all the time :D.

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  • Sapphire

Was a great read, nice work guys!

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  • Sapphire

I don't need much time to figure out who made the SDS posters.. *Looks at MARTiN*

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  • Titanium

I'm happy because I got advertised and I didn't have to pay. That was a nice surprise :D

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  • Sapphire

I can see :SDS: is advertising :troll:

Still, well made. I give you guys a internet cookie (the news team :3)


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  • MVP


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  • Diamond

1 picture of DUTY, 2 pictures of the Sanctuary and 1 of Caprile. Love you. :)

EDIT: And now I remember what happend in that one picture with Toorrik, Luke and myself. That was such a fun day. I think me and Luke just talked about everything that came to mind. Sitting in the middle of the field near BHH.

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  • Sapphire

I love SDS's PSA :P

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  • Emerald

Nice job Media Team! :)

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  • Emerald

Good job, loved the tribute part

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Guest Astycc

I like it, but I thought a major thing you planned on changing was the lesser known areas of the forums, rather than threads already known in the forum highlights?

Also, maybe try to proof-read it a bit more, noticed a fair few, yet small grammatical errors, I really like the newer design though, good job! :)

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I like it, but I thought a major thing you planned on changing was the lesser known areas of the forums, rather than threads already known in the forum highlights?

Also, maybe try to proof-read it a bit more, noticed a fair few, yet small grammatical errors, I really like the newer design though, good job! :)

Yes I have seen a few spelling mistakes and grammatical issues.

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