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Recollecting my Thoughts.

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*The wind picks up on the beach of the green sea, as a strange man with long black hair and a brown coat sits on a bench overlooking the water. The man, quiet at first, begins talking in a monotone matter-of-fact tone to no one but himself...*

Damn what a lovely night it is, if only every night here was as lovely as this one. As I always say, recounting everything that has happened is a great way to grasp a situation in its entirety. So I'll begin with my name. Nori Kimio.

I was born in Traverse City, Michigan in 1992, which makes me 22 years old, in fact its almost my birthday. Graduated in 2008 top of my class, I was only 16 at the time which was pretty weird. Of course all of this is so trivial that I don't even know why I'm bothering to include it. Let's just get to the point.

I'm an information broker, from San Francisco to be exact. I buy and sell information about certain individuals. Some like to use the information I give them to blackmail, some enjoy using it to damage someone's reputation, and that rare someone uses that information to kill someone. This story begins with the latter. Chernogosk, South Zegoria, Chernarus. This nation is still recovering from a nasty civil war a couple years ago, which was quite useful as it makes government officials a lot easier to bribe. I needed the name and location of an American businessman staying in the city, at one of he hotels. As coincidence has it I also have a master key for that hotel, and I also have a couple bugs planted in that certain individuals room. I also am staying in the room across the way as the previous occupant got"reassigned". *the man let's out a short laugh* My coincidence is a tricky thing.

*The man starts laughing and his thought trails off*

*ten minutes pass*

*ahem* Let's not get sidetracked here, shall we? I figured out that he was planning to go to dinner with a with a government leader, just what I need. I call my client and phone him the info. I check my phone and $50,000 was added to my bank account. A job well done, the only casualty being the man that's going to be killed. At least I think he was killed, whatever its not really my concern. All I needed was done so I may as well treat myself and try to find anything useful about that crazy hunter in the woods that the news has been talking about.

Sadly my aspirations were more lofty then I imagined, especially since a "quarantine zone" of sorts was being erected from the west. The government didn't have much of an idea on what was happening from what I could tell. I knew about as much as they did, which was how I like it. If you can't be a step ahead at least be on the same step as everyone else. The next coming days were predictable me, and that bored me. The quarantine zone enveloped Chernogosk, which was quite unfortunate. I'm not one to be scared, and this was no exception. I just watched as things played out.

Bam back to the present. Now my thoughts are collected let's look a t the future. This whole thing was a waste of time and really doesn't put anything into any more perspective then I had before

Ah well, let's see what I can do. First I need protection, I can wield a firearm however I am not exactly the best at it, I only trained for it so that I knew somewhat how to use all the Beretta M9s I hid in my office for certain reasons. Of all the information I have on the various groups here a lot of them are dangerous enough to threaten my safety. I can offer certain services to them as well. Ah, let's just see if someone will take me up on my "offer".

*Nori walks away from the bench with a pistol in hand. He turns to look at the bench and smiles, then walks slowly towards the city...*

//Sorry for grammar, I wrote this on my phone :)//

//A name change was in order. The idea does not need to share the ideas name.

Oh ya, I'm not going to be playing this character till I get back to my PC so I would love some feedback <3

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