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Mark Andersens journal

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Entry 1

Yesterday i had a really close call with death. I would not be here writing this entry if it weren´t for my friends and the other people who helped. Then again.. It never would have happened in the first place if it weren´t for that stupid australian person.

I was having an amazing day at TradePost with Desmond. Everything was going great and we were trying to contact Cid and the rest of the group over the radio. After a while of failing to contact them we decided to head out and try to stock up on supplies.

Earlier this day i had met this really nice man named Pliskin. I hanged out with him for a while and he asked if we could give him a ride. I told him that i would ask Desmond if he could come with us for a while and he said that he could come with us. So we left TradePost and headed out to stock up on supplies. Nothing worth writing about happened during that trip.

We got back to TradePost a couple of hours later. We once again tried to contact the rest of the group and after a while Desmond finally made contact with them. I´m not sure where the rest of the group was at but after a while most of them showed up at TradePost. We all sat down at the fire and after a while we heard two australians coming in to TP. They said that they were making a documentary about the apocalypse. They offered some of the people in TP a part in the documentary and a few of us decided to be in it.

Everything was going well and we finished up the work. I went to sit back down at the fire with the rest of the group. A few minutes later the australian shows up and he is coughing everywhere. Cid instantly took action and tried to lead him away from the fire and the rest of us so that he would not infect anybody. Well... It was too late. A couple of minutes later i started to feel a bit dizzy and i tried to find some meds in our cars. There was none there. It turned out that Skylar had gotten infected aswell and had already taken the last meds. However the meds hadn´t worked on him.

We quickly jumped in our cars and drove of to find some meds. Me and Skylar jumped in to a car alone since we did not want to infect the rest of the group. We drove as fast as we could down south towards Cherno if im not mistaken. Anyways... We stoped on top of some hill and that´s when i noticed that things were taking a turn for the worse very quickly. I had started coughing up blood and i think Skylar was drifint in and out of consciousness. At this point i really thought that we were both dead. I had accepted the fact that i was going to die but that didn´t mean i was going to give up.

At this point Cid was down looking for meds. Me and Skylar were fighting for our lives. Cid finally came back and we thought we were all good. Turns out there was only enough meds for one person in there. At this point things were going even worse. I was bleeding from my nose and coughing up blood and Skylar was going the same thing. When Cid got back to the car we started driving again. I refused to take the meds because it knew Skylar needed them more. I dont even know what happened to them because he sure as hell did not take them.

Anyways... We kept driving for what seemes like years for me and Skylar. All i remember from then is crashing in to a tree and then i blacked out. I have a few faint memories from what happened next. I dont know if this happened directly after this situation or if it was a few hours later but i remember trying to go for my gun but someone stoped me. I was going kill myself. Then i remember waking up next to a fire and getting meds thrown in my mouth.

Now im sitting here at TP and im having one hell of a headache. Im getting better alot faster and im hoping to make a full recovery. I owe my life to my friends and the other people who helped me and Skylar that night. Im hoping to one day meet the random people who helped us out. Right now i dont even know their names. Anyways.. I think i should go get some rest and try to recover.

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Entry 2

Well... The only thing i loved is gone now. Last night Cid and Desmond picked me and Decker up in a bus. I hadn´t heard from them in a while. I had been wondering where the hell they had been. I tried to contact them over the radio a few times but i never got an answer so i figured they were busy with something. Because of this i was pretty damn happy to see them. We all had a good time riding in the bus. But i felt that something was wrong.

We kept driving until we came eventually stopped at Zub castle. Travis was already waiting there for us. We all sat down and started a fire. We talked and had quite a good time for about 20 minutes and then Cid and Desmons told us the bad news. They said that they would no longer be around as much because of them working with some stupid fucking project. Some project about trying to get rid of all the bad people.. It was quite an weird moment. Atleast for me. When these stupid words came out of Cid and Desmons mouths i lost all love for them. They had been my closests friends and we all called eachother family. I could not believe that they were going to leave us. After all we had been trough they had finally given up on us. I really had to control myself from standing up and punching both of them.

After a while of sitting and looking in to the fire in disbelief i just could not take it anymore. I went for a walk around the corner and up the watch tower. I started puncing the wall. My hands were bloody but i could not feel any pain. The only pain i felt was betrayal. The very person who took me in and called me family had betrayed me and the rest of the group. I took out my second pair of clothes that had the patch on it and threw it over the edge of the tower. After i knew that Cid and Desmond had left i went back down and picked up my clothes. I walked over to the fire and threw them into it. I watched as they burned and as Decker took his patch of and also threw it into the fire.

Decker then went up in to the tower and i could hear him up there.. He felt the same as i did. Betrayed. I went up to talk to him. We stood up there and watched out over the country for a while. That´s when i said a few words that i am gonna stand by until the day i die. -We should create something. -Something real. A family that doesn´t turn backs on anyone. A family that doesn´t do what they just did.

My goal is to create this family no matter what the costs. I am NOT going to turn my back on the family. I will die, cry and kill for them if that is what it takes. I am not going to be like Cid and Desmond and im pretty sure Decker thinks the same way.

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