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72.6 - Last Known Volki Transmission

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*The voice of a man with a slight Chernarussian accent can be heard through the radio*

This is Ryadovoy James Kovalev of Serye Volki. Over the past few months our forces have been severely depleted due to the infection and war. The group has no choice but to disperse, for the sake of survival. But fear not friends! The survivors of Volki will roam the land, looking to further the cause for the greater good of mother Chernarus.

To the enemies of the motherland know this; we will not rest until you are driven from the land, no matter the cost. Glory to Volki and death to their prey! Co je mrtev, může nikdy zemřít!

*Another man can be heard in the backround*

Kovalev hurry up! We are losing daylight.

Yes sir, I'll be right there.

*The broadcast cuts to static*

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**static** I am truly sad to hear this. If there are any wanderers who need a good Chernarrussian organization, please contact me. Your leaders should have my frequency. I need some more manpower.

God bless you all! **Transmission cuts out**

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*Joel was waiting in the car as his friend was trying to repair it's engine, he heard a voice in the radio and decided to turn up the volume. After the transmission ended, he used his ham radio to send a response on the same frequency*

Hey uhh Serye Volki right? Gray Wolves? I heard about you but never saw you around much, it's good to hear of that another group of patriots trying to reclaim their homeland. This is coming from a foreigner believe it or not, just not a foreigner who wants spread some bullshit agenda or ideology. I wish you all best of luck. As a suggestion I think it's best for you to either join up with Liberation Front as a combined force or find the remnants of the Chernarussian Defence Force. Good luck to ya, safe travels.

*Message cuts off to static* *Kzzzzk*

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**static, then a voice**

If you need some Chernarrusian Defense Force, then contact me, I can hook you up.

**Transmission abruptly ends**

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*Florian sits in his tent going trough some notes when he hears the message over one of his radios. After a while of thinking, he picks up the radio*

So the wolves are retreating from South Zagoria? Maybe it's for the better if you go back to the Miroslavl HQ. Once you're in range, you should call Orel 1 in for a pickup. I'm sure he is still in the air.

*krzzzch* good, the information are in safe hands. You'll see *krzzz* o*krzzzch* men. It's all about *krzzzzch*

*You hear some rustling paper in the background. Florian looks at the three black metal stars in his hand*

I'm sure we will meet again in this life. Send the General my regards

*The transmission ends when Florian mutes the Radio and lays on his back, staring at the top of his tent*

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