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Question about "Time spent online" in my profile.

Guest JordanVSGamingYT

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Guest JordanVSGamingYT

Hello fellow role players! I'm not sure if this happens with everybody but on my profile page, for me it says my time spent online is VERY LOW. It says right now 7 Hours, 45 Minutes, 58 Seconds. And (call me a no-life if your childish) I do more than that in one day. So is it just really incorrect, bugged, or something of the sort? Also is that measuring forum online time or IG online time. If it is forum time then that is correct if it is IG then that is way off as I played 7 hours just today so far.

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  • Sapphire

Time spent online will count every second that you are logged in and HAVE the website opened, you don't get more seconds, minutes or hours for playing in-game, only by being online on the website.


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Guest JordanVSGamingYT

This is all forum time buddy, we use to have a way to view your IG time, but we got rid of it. Sorry. :L


Oh okay then this was very redundant. Lel

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