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Can't join the server!

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Hello, I got whitelisted today on the server and when i tried to join it said "Bad Version". My friend told me to go to DayZ commander and downgrade Arma 2 form there, but DayZ commander's latest update, doesn't allow you to downgrade Arma 2 anymore. If someone can help me, that would be awesome, I really want to play on the server.

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  • Sapphire

Follow this guide


You download DayZRP launcher aswell.

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Guest Grumby

Follow the beta patch download link here.

To downgrade to 1.62, follow this:

In your Steam library, right click on ArmA 2 OA and click properties.


Click on 'Betas' and open up the drop-down window that says 'select the beta you would like to opt into:' and choose '1.62 - Older version of the game'.


Allow Steam to download a few files and then open the 'Local Files' tab in the properties menu. Click 'Verify integrity of game cache' and wait for Steam to verify the files.


Launch ArmA 2 OA without any mods and allow it to get to the main menu screen before shutting it down.

If you wish to you the ArmA 2 launcher, instead of DayZ Commander or the DayZRP launcher for whatever reason, use this guide by Archer to find out how to launch DayZRP through that.

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Guest Grumby

I tried all these possibilities and Arma 2 still isn't downgraded, DayZ commander doesn't allow me to downgrade Arma 2 anymore. Tell me how to downgrade Arma 2 without DayZ commander.

I'm having the issue that's on that thread, just can't get it to work. Probs because I can't downgrade Arma 2 through DayZ Commander.

Have you tried this post. You can downgrade without DayZ Commander using that post.

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