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Vehicle Customisation


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  • Sapphire

I was playing Origins a few days ago and i thought, in a real zombie apocalypse you would modify your car to suit best of the situation, whether it be to take out zombies with or to make it more protective giving you a higher chance of not getting shot out of one or dying inside a vehicle, modifications could be like boarding the windows of a car to add protection if the glass is smashed, or add spikes onto the alloys of wheels to break those zombies legs, etc you get the idea, or even upgrade the engine or the fuel tank size, to make the car more useful and more desirable to keep and to keep safe, just a suggestion to think about, what do you think ?

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  • Emerald

Depending on the coders we have, it could be possible but would be extremely labor intensive. We would have to make models and textures for every upgrade on every car, make sure that when you attach said upgrade that armor values for that spot on the car change etc etc etc.

It would be hard to do but I honestly believe it would be worth it, I love Origins mod system for vehicles personally. It would be the easiest thing ever to implement if the creators of Origins weren't so... greedy so to say?

Anyways, +1 from me if it were possible.

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  • MVP

Yes. It would be cool to see replaced, discolored car parts. A patchwork of sorts.

+1 from me. Hope the devs are willing and can pull it off.

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  • Sapphire

I guess their devs only care about their players not the whole community

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