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Teas926's Military Tutrorials

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  • Sapphire

So I was away for a while and Iv'e gained a few more teaching qualifications in the past few months. So as my experimental guinea pigs to see if it translates well, and as an interest piece for those who like this stuff, I'm gonna jot a few more tutorials down for you all.

Here are the links to my few previous ones:

Basic Fieldcraft

Reconnaissance Aid Memoire

Description Reports

And my latest one here:

Six Section Battle Drills

Also look forward to the next one which will be:

Team Medic Aide Memoire

Map Reading and Navigation

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  • Sapphire

But you have left the most glorious one out :D

DELTA SPLIT! (some may know, some may not, if you want, I can show you the DELTA SPLIT!)

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  • Sapphire

I love the idea of this thread.

And the Map navigation could help A LOT of new Rpers who are used to spawning with a GPS, Map, and is able to mark destinations on the map.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks, I'm trying to give an insight into how these things we do in game without much thought actually work for real.

Glad people still find them useful or interesting.

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  • MVP

Bumping for awareness

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