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Six Section Battle Drillls

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Six Section Battle Drills

This will be a brief overview of the SOP's of a section when out on the ground.

1.Battle Preparation

Remember the neumonic, PAWPERSO.

Protection - Do your preparation in a safe area, ie, Dead ground, have sentries out.

Ammunition - How much do you have, what type, distribute wisely if scarce.

Weapons - What do you have? What do you need?

Personal Camouflage and concealment - Cam cream, local foliage, netting, etc.

Equipment - What do you have? What do you need?

Radios - As above, Frequencies and paswords.

Specialist Equipment - Do you need wire cutters, a raft, length of rope.

Orders - Breif up your Section as to what you want to happen during the attack.

2.Reaction to Effective Enemy Fire

The definition of effective enemy fire is: If it's close enough to worry about.

So: dash, down, crawl, observe, sights, fire.

3.Locate the Enemy

Best practise is to look for Shape, Shine, Silhouette, Shadow, Sound or Sudden Movement.

If you cannot see the enemy try firing into likely enemy positions.

If you still cannot locate the enemey get one rfileman to run a few yards whilst everyone else in the section remains vigilant. A quick running rifleman is unlikey to be hit.

4.Win the Firefight

Lay as much heavy fire down onto the enemy as possible using fire control orders (see Basic Fieldcraft)

5.The attack

Split into two parts: The "advance to contact" and the "assault".

Advance to contact - two fire teams, one left, one right. One gives cover fire while the other moves and vise versa. Advance on the target making full use of available cover en-route. Dominate high ground when providing cover fire.

Assault - both fire teams lay heavy fire, use of grenades/mortar on the enemy position before charging/fighting through.

6.The Re-org

Section goes into "All round defence", Sitreps sent, replenish ammunition, treat the wounded and search enemy dead(beware booby trap devices). Plan next move and issue orders.

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  • MVP

Nice guide! I will use it with my clan.

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