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The Crew.

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Alright, Ubi's new "MMO racing game" is now in full EA definition of closed beta. Basically you send everyone who wants one a code, put an NDA on it and its apparently "Beta".

Anyways I (unsurprisingly) got my code for The Crew and am really fucking hating it. Why? Oh ya the first mission is literally impossible. I am a huge fan of racers after my brother introduced me so I tried playing the usual manual transmission and not-assisted braking and was failing to reach the second checkpoint. After failing 20 times and realizing the opening cutscene can't be skipped I decided to switch to ast. brake and auto trans. That of course didn't work and I was still failing constantly. After about 40 failed attempts I finally got past the checkpoint and get through the others... barely... and realized that there is NO FUCKING WAY that you are ever going to get to the finish.

I by this point was pretty pissed and quit the game and looked for the forums, where the developers have literally made a thread saying that if you can't beat the first mission thats because your computer sucks and its not there problem. I was getting 30 FPS on high (Its locked) and thought that was a load of shit, so I lowered my settings to all low and off. No help there, the first mission was still unbeatable. Tried it with the gamepad? Nope. Nothing is working and a somewhat-decent open world racer is now unplayable because of the opening race from hell.

To put it simply here is whats wrong: A game should NEVER run at 30 FPS in 2014 on the PC, and that should NOT affect your playability whatsoever. Its a simple fix for this, less cops to bump you around and more forgiving checkpoints. The devs won't take responsibility for this and instead of changing it would rather moan about our specs.

Kind of sad, I was going to preorder this too.


Hacked my game to run at 60 FPS, Beat it no problem. If that isn't sad then I don't know what is.

Also, Don't expect the game to run at 60 FPS at release, the animations are really wonky during cutscenes due to the fact they were only designed to run at 30 FPS. If they wanted to release at 60 then they would need to completely redo the animations.

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  • Community Manager

TLDR; EA game. Move along.

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  • Sapphire

Got some codes if anyone wants a go.

[spoiler=Code Three]


Took it, thanks :)

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  • Sapphire

TLDR; EA game. Move along.

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  • Emerald

TLDR; EA game. Move along.

This is Ubisoft game, which is not that much different anyways...

I've watched few gameplay videos, haven't convinced me to even try it. Somethings off with it.

Assetto Corsa ftw if you're searching really good sim.

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