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Morals in DayZ

Guest Shadow

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Guest Shadow

Please Note: I have used the search function to look for another thread like this, I couldn't find one but please link and feel free to close this if appropriate.

I would also like to highlight that this discussion is aimed at the regular DayZ (mod) and its other mods (eg epoch, overwatch, etc) and NOT RP. If you wish to use SA for examples then I don't see why not.


So I have been doing a lot of internal debating lately, I have been studying videos of various DayZ players as well as using my own personal experiences to debate how I stand morally as a DayZ player. Basically I have been thinking about taking my moral standing seriously and to the next level, right now I just run around and KOS people however I don't know if that's what I want anymore. I mean I have robbed people/held up people in the normal DayZ world before. Which although more entertaining, proved to be a lot more work then just KOSing people.

My Thoughts

Personally I took the typical journey that I think a massive proportion of the DayZ player population did. I began with honest intentions, willing to help others that were below me. And all was going well, I considered myself to be a above average player. Often helping maybe a dozen people or so in a gaming session.

But then there is always that one incident. That one person or group that completely abuses your generosity. Maybe you've helped someone once too often? Maybe you get too comfortable and overconfident? Then BAM a Makarov shot to the back of the head as the new spawn your helping out takes all the gear you had for over a month.

And then you feel the hatred, you think "people suck" and phrases such as "fuck it" come spewing out of your mouth. Your basically a DayZ Anakin Skywalker. The hatred from that one incident just makes you KOS every living thing you see, even if they don't have a gun. You no longer give a shit.

And then eventually you get to the stage where DayZ isn't about survival, its about enjoying the killing. After a day of camping you would compare kills with your friends and laugh and boast about long head shots you made.

And then, after that. Months past by, months of just senseless killing. A few times you even get bored with it and just try silly things. Follow rules like "hatchets only" for a day. But eventually, you finally can call yourself a "veteran" of DayZ. You've been playing it for months, you know where to go for loot better then you know the layout of your IRL home. You've got the game map implanted into your brain.

And then, then you get to where I am at. You think about all the killing you have done. Literally hundreds of kills, some of them being the cheapest kills possible in DayZ. You think about how you miss the "Old DayZ". And then you think;

Why cant I play like the old times?

What's stopping me?

Should Morals be Taken Seriously in a Game?

I would like people to place their points and views on what exactly their morals are while in the normal DayZ world. What do you think is right and wrong? Where is the line drawn between you killing another person for your own survival or just out of pure hatred and greed?

How seriously should morals be taken in DayZ?????

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How seriously should morals be taken in DayZ????? [/color]

I like the system of "Survive The Nights" where killing other people drives you mentally unstable. This was it keeps you doing whatever in your power to not kill the person since it will adversely effect you.

Me personally, I've only killed 8 people in the span of 14.5 months. This is because I take killing seriously, as i would IRL in this situation. Each time has been because I had to, not because I wanted to (IC)

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Guest Shadow


Say you are walking along a hill somewhere and below you in a valley you see a new spawn getting shot at by some bandits. Do you interfere or prioritize your own survival?

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I think taking morals seriously depends on the person, I take morals slightly seriously but I wouldn't exactly follow them all the time. If I see an opportunity that benefits me and say my friends but it costs some random persons life I'll go for it since it's survival I suppose but killing new players I'm against since where's the fun in shooting an unarmed person?

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Guest whitepointer

I just do what I feel is fun.

As long as you're respectful and treat others the way you'd like to be treated, that's all that counts (in an out of character sense).

Whilst you're in game, who gives a shit if you don't show any mercy to others. It's a game and people should expect to die and be backstabbed, no matter how much of a threat they are. In my mind, there is no need to keep morals in-mind when your main goal is to have fun (in a game).

As long as you do not take your actions to an out of character stance such as trolling or abusing others, all is fine.

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In dayz i always have a mindset of minding my own business and killing anybody who doesnt respect my liberty. Like if i come in electro supermarket and see another then i always say 'Dont mind me minding my own business' then i observe him for a second and if he looks at me for 2 seconds ill KOS him cause people who have intentions to kill always look at you for longer then a second. I let the people live who just mind their own business by just looting and looking at me with only using Alt+mouse. Anyway i always kill bandits for entertainment. Also if i have a firefight and im losing i mostly on choose the option to kill myself cause i think nobody deserves to kill me so i do it myself. I also dont help people cause everybody should help themself.

So kind of like Independent moral mindset

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I'd say the game was a lot more fun in the beginning when everyone was a noob still learning how to play, learning the map, controls, etc. After some time there will be people that interfere with the fun just because they are either douchebags, feel bad and wanna get their anger out on the game, that is the ONLY way they know how to play or just wanna have fun by just shotting people.. As soon as these things happen people get mad and their thoughts and motives change. They are like: "I'm tired of getting backstabbed for helping people, I'm gonna shoot everybody I see now" Basically one crack leads to many and once it happens, it's impossible to fix.

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There are no morals. There is only "I'm too good for this now, I can do EVERYTHING and destroy EVERYONE, it's not challenging anymore" and you take a break or try a different play style.

I started DayZmod back when it was released. Since day1 I was a bandit. Not a KOSer, but a bandit. Squad wipe on NW my first day, 6 robberies the next day, and it went on. Me and my clan had a rule. If close enough, initiate (it was long before dayzrp was even created, am I a hipster? :P ), if not it was all based on location. We scouted NW - D castle - Stary and back. We never hit the coast to fight fresh spawns, only a couple of times that according to sidechat there were DMR/AS50 snipers spawnkilling. We took care of them, and back North. The NW side was our territory, and we made sure to claim it. We never went 6v1, unless he was on the airfield with sweet loot, or shot at us.

With that going on for a year, and on many DayZ maps, I got better and better. On a certain community, I had a character alive for 110+ days ans shittone of kills, never died, lost him due a database wipe. Me and my group were too good, it was too easy. We tried different play styles, we tried to be heroes, stay in the shadows and hit whoever tries to kill someone else, got boring as people attacked us first chance they got. I even went "hatchet only" as OP said, still got kills. Did I ever regret any kill? No. Did I ever wished I hadn't shoot someone? No. I enjoyed it, and I still am. But when it became too easy, there was no point in it.

I quit DayZ, and my clan, and that's when I joined DayZRP. That's what was missing from DayZ for me, RP. We forgot that it was a zombie survival game, not PVP with zombie on the top.

I wanted to RP a survivor again, maybe not hardcore RP, not the one we got here (still love it) but any kind of RP or value for life. People knew that, "oh, huge groups, let's shoot them, I die and come back for my shit". Now, people are supposed to value their life and think twice before putting it in danger

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I havn't killed a single person for 3 months. Except for Nick who i accidentally KOSd.

Its hard to play as a bandit yes, but playing with a character that can't kill people is even harder. I think they should add in an insanity system so if you kill lots of people you eventually cross a point when you either die, wake up somewhere else than where you logged out or whenever you try to talk ingame its just gibberish so noone can understand you.

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Guest Shadow

Hmm that certainly would be interesting^^

I really don't know how seriously I should take morals in this.

I mean on one hand it is just a game and ultimately anything that happens in it shouldn't have any consequences in the real world.

But on another hand when you kill another player. You are causing great discomfort to a real person in reality, you are literally putting countless hours that took them to gear up to nothing. Mentally the person feels a tsunami of rage amongst other emotions.

Should we feel bad about that? Or is the victim taking this too seriously??

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Do whatever seems right for you. Personally, I like the stealth game. I like avoiding other players, watching them, assessing their motives and goals, deciding whether they're a threat or not. Sometimes I gamble and make myself known to them, if possible from a hidden location (gotta love that 80 meter voice range), offer help, maybe an offer for trade, or to join forces temporarily. Sometimes this doesn't turn out well.

On the whole, you get out of it what you put in. I get a huge boost out of helping people who deserve it. People who needlessly KoS I write off as 12 year old newbs who are doing it wrong . What the hell, I'm going to respawn anyway, and gearing up is the best part of the game. Once you have end game gear, there's nothing left but helping others or getting pointless kills.

I wholly agree with the DayZRP ethos of making it fun for the other player. If you can't provide a good experience for the guy you're about to help or rob or kill, it's better to just walk away. What I love about DayZRP is that it offers me the opportunity to be a bandit with the knowledge that no one's going to kill me for no good reason, just because they have the opportunity. In other variants of DayZ there's too many immersion breaking ways to take advantage of game mechanics or metagaming to get one over on someone else, so yeah, in vanilla DayZ, loner/hero4lyfe, but in RP, anything goes. That's just me though. I play for the atmosphere and immersion and to relax. Getting KoS'd needlessly is not relaxing.

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