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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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Updated: The Man From Hell (Added Chapter 2: Daylight)

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The Man From Hell.

Chapter 1: Darkness.

I’m flying through worlds. Or am I falling?’

Boris looked around him; it was all but a pleasant sight. Darkness appeared to be in every direction, except below him where a cubic structure of a size that overcomes the limit of the human mind seemed to be waiting for him.

‘The logical assumption would be that I’m falling because that thing belong me is coming closer and closer. However, there is no wind, which means there is no resistance of the air to keep me from going faster and faster. Am I travelling through space? If so, what about the darkness in all directions but for the object below me. The only logical conclusion would be that I am travelling with the speed of light or even faster. Oh God, save me’.

He screamed in his mind when he began to comprehend the size of the cubic object below him. Scaling himself with that cubic structure, he calculated that he would be the size of a single water molecule if that thing would represent the great Pacific back on Earth. He fell closer and closer. Looking around him became useless; he was now going so fast that he was unable to even move his head one inch. All he could do was look at the cube shaped object growing in size beyond anything that makes sense. And it kept growing.

‘I am dead. I must be. Now I’m a soul travelling through the universe. That thing below me, the cube thing. What the fuck is it? Hell? Heaven? Wait.. I am going with the speed of light I am quite sure. When I hit that thing with this speed, I will.. Explode? No. Does a word exist for this? Hitting an object with the speed of light and there will be nothing left of me but atoms. Maybe not even atoms. Fuck, I’m about to turn into stardust.

But then his eyes saw the truth. The cube shape was imperfect. In fact, it was not one cube of impossible size, but instead there were trillions upon trillions of smaller cubes together from a distance appearing like one solid cube. He fell and fell, and finally he was there. The cubes were now all around him.

He flew between them. Every second he passed thousands of cubes, each with only the span of a grown man between them. This was his road, his heavenly highway towards who the fuck knows. He slowed down to the point where the cubes around him were not a blur anymore. He started to make sense of them. The cubes were not actual cubes, but in fact portals to worlds. He looked around him and was fascinated beyond anything by the cubes around him. Still passing hundreds of cubes every second, he was able to see fragments of what they contained, or what they are. Every cube was the same, best described as television screens on four sides, hence the cubic shape. But what did those screens show?

‘This is earth. I see children playing outside on this one. I see a family in the kitchen on that one. I see the trees, the sky and the sun. I don’t understand. I am trying to understand.’

Focused on watching the cubes around him, Boris forgets to stay in control of his free fall. He barely scratches a cube, but enough to make him lose control at this speed. He loses control and prepares for full impact with one of the cubes in front of him.

He opens his eyes, his mind is still trying to understand what happened but there is no time. A man stands up from his chair in front of Boris. He looks very surprised.

‘Hey! What is this? How did you find us?’

The man grabs in his pocket, probably a gun by the looks of him and the surroundings. Boris quickly looks around him and sees he’s in some kind of house. Looking at the furniture it must be in the 21st century. Boris notices the bag hanging around his shoulder.

‘Did I carry this bag when I was flying through God knows what that was? ‘ Boris thinks.

‘Hey you’. The man is now aiming his gun point blank at Boris.

Boris is too distracted by the bag he just realized he is carrying and forgets everything around him. ‘This bag, it must contain information about why I am here and why this is happening to me’, he thinks.

‘HEY! I will shoot you right now if you do not explain’ The man says.

Boris stops fiddling with the bag and raises his head. His eyes meet with the man and he stares into the barrel of the gun he is holding.

Suddenly, with the blink of an eye, Boris grabs the gun and turns it away from him. The gun fires and he feels the bullet grazing past his head. Close one.

‘That, my friend, was not a smart move.’ Boris says and with his free hand he punches the man in his face.

The man falls into the chair he sat in when Boris arrived. He is dizzy by the punch in his face and lets his head fall back against the cushion of the chair. Boris uses this opportunity and grabs the man by the throat that was now defenseless and open. The man tries to fight back, but Boris squeezes hard and he feels warm blood at his fingertops. The man is moaning loudly, Boris decides to put some more force into it. Seconds after, Boris’ fingers penetrate the throat of the man who had just almost shot him. Blood squirts out, but to Boris it feels like squashing a warm fruit.

‘Allright sir, you don’t know me, I don’t know you. That does not mean you have to shoot me. At least, that’s how I feel about it. But, because you tried and I almost got killed by you, I am now killing you instead.’

The man looks Boris in the eyes, as far as blood is not obstructing his eyesights, because its literally all over his face by now. Boris looks back and sees the lifeforce leaving the man’s eyes.

‘What you feel now is blood going down your lungs. I can’t imagine what it feels like, but I hope it’s not very pleasant. Please, in your next life, do not try to shoot someone just because you can. Now you may die.’

Boris releases his grip on the man’s throat and a waterfall of blood falls down from the holes in his throat where Boris his fingers were a second before. The man makes a few coughing noises. His lungs are trying to push out the blood with the automatic cough reflex. However, the blood is too much to cough up and he soon drowns in his own blood. Boris watches through the hole in the man’s neck how the throat is still trying to cough up blood, even though the man is dead for several minutes already. It’s a miraculous thing, the human body.

‘Maybe next time I should try this with a heart. I wonder how long a heart will keep beating when it is ripped out of the owner.’ Boris thinks.

‘Ah yes, now back to the bag I am carrying’.

Boris wipes the blood on his hands off on his shirt and starts messing with the bag. He manages to open it and feels what’s inside. Papers. A gun. Food. Medicine.

‘Lets see whats this then’.

Boris takes the papers and suddenly it all makes sense. The flight through the universe, the cubes, the man in the chair, the cruel death of the man in the chair.

He quickly reads through the papers one by one and nods a few times. Boris then feels in the bags and takes out a lighter. He sets the papers on fire and throws them in the lap of the dead man in the chair. The fire spreads quickly to the dry fabric of the chair and goes up in flames together with the bloody corpse. Boris then walks to the door and opens it. Daylight welcomes him.

‘Ah yes. I am in the 21st century there is no doubt. This is where it all began. Chernarus.’

He walks out of the house and watches it burn to the ground. Boris then grabs something that looks like a radio from the bag.

‘If you can hear me, I have arrived at the target as planned. However, the ride was a bit rough. You need to adjust your settings. The amnesia effects almost killed me. The target has been eliminated and all evidence is burning as I speak. Boris out.’

He puts the radio back in the bag and feels something nice in there.

‘Ahh yes, almost forgot about this baby.’

He pulls out a bottle of wine from his bag, bottled in 2257.

Chapter 2: Daylight

‘Let.. Her.. go!’ Boris yells to the beast. The beast grabs her by both shoulders and rips her apart right through the middle. Organs and blood flush out left and right of what remains of her. At the sight of this, he falls on his knees screaming his lungs out. But he doesn’t hit the ground. He falls deeper and deeper. It becomes brighter and brighter. He falls through the darkness into the light. He can’t breathe, there is no air. His lungs collapse.

He wakes up, clawing around him, soaking with sweat.

“Argh.. These dreams.” Boris mumbles to himself.

He drags himself out of his tent and lets his eyes adjust to the light of day. Much better then darkness, that’s for sure. He looks at his watch and notices its early in the morning. His clothes still smell of smoke and fire, awakening the memories of yesterday when he killed the man and burned him inside his house. The first one of many. Too many, perhaps.

Boris searches in his bag for the GPS. He then finds out he made camp at a pond known as Lake Prud. A small pond, probably been used for fishing before the apocalypse started. It seemed untouched by the disaster that struck the country two years ago, peaceful and quiet. Behind it was a small patch of forest and behind that, a hill that should lead towards Stary Sobor. His next target.

Boris watches a rabbit, seemingly in a hurry, run around the pond of Prud Lake. Surprisingly, the rabbit comes closer and stops in front of him. Boris raises and eyebrow and looks at the little critter staring right back at him. Boris tries to pet it, but upon touching the fur, he feels a surge of evil taking him over, making him incapable to move. He wants to pinch himself and wake up, because this must be a nightmare. All he can do is stare at the rabbit’s eyes, turning pitch black and staring back at him. The rabbit then opens its mouth and starts talking.

“Boris, your dream was real. She will die. Forget about her and focus on the mission, that is all that matters. She failed and has to suffer the consequences by herself. She chose her path, be wiser then her. Agnieszka will find you, very soon”.

The rabbit then tumbles over and blood runs from its mouth, nose and eyes. The blood disappears in the grass and earth, and the dead rabbit then loses its skin and quickly turns into a heap of bones collapsing. The bones then turn into a heap of dust. A small gust of wind blows the dust away and it’s as if the rabbit has never been there.

Boris finds he is able to move again. ‘A message from Them, or.. The Others?’

He looks at the abandoned farm next to Lake Prud and decides to look for supplies. He could use some matches at least, or perhaps a hunting rifle left there by the owner of the farm.

‘Yes, a hunting rifle would be useful. All I got is this pistol’ And he looks at the pistol he managed to take from the man who tried to kill him. He looks at the magazine. Six bullets left.

He packs everything in his bag, holsters the pistol under his belt and makes his way to the abandoned farm.

When he comes closer, he almost steps on a rusty hidden beartrap. ‘This might come in handy later.’ He dismantles the beartrap and puts the heavy metal trap inside his backpack. He then stands in front of the door and notices the lock has been forced open, traces of a heavy blunt weapon on the wood. Boris pushes against the door and it opens, squeaking all the way. He looks around him for traps, but does not see any. There is a heavy layer of dust everywhere, spider webs filling all the corners of the cottage. ‘I hate spiders’ He mumbles to himself. He then enters the cottage.

Boris notices footstep marks in the dust on the floor. ‘Better make this quick in case someone shows up ’. He walks around the house, inspecting the furniture, opening drawers and closets, looking for anything he can use. But the insides are stripped bare. Every drawer is empty, probably looted by scavengers or traders. Or bandits. He finds a ladder that goes to the attic and climbs it. The attic is a big room, but filled with all kinds of farming machinery. Blades, metal equipment, unknown to the untrained farmers eye. But Boris is no farmer, he is a soldier.

Boris climbs over the machinery, carefully not cutting himself to the rusty spikes and blades of the dusty equipment. He approaches the single window in the attic and dusts off the window to look through. He sees a big hill and some boars feasting on the grass freshly layered with sparkling morning dew. A peaceful sight, one would almost forget its 2014, the beginning of the end.

But then his blood starts rushing. Boris watches the boars suddenly looking up towards the dense treeline. A few seconds it looks like a still life, but then the boars start running. They seem startled, but what startled them? He tries to see, but the angle of the window blocks his sight of where the boars were staring at. Then he hears a gunshot, followed by the death cry of one of the boars that ran away. Boris pushes himself away from the window, hoping nobody has spotted him. He climbs over the rusty machinery again and hides in the corner of the attic, covered by bags and cardboard boxes. Survivors outside. He decides to lay low and hide, with a little luck they won’t come inside.

One hour passes, and another. Whoever it was who shot the boar, they must have ignored and passed the cottage. He had heard no sounds of any intruders coming inside since he heard the shot. ‘I can’t stay here and hide forever.’ He thinks. The coast must be clear. He makes his way towards the ladder to climb down and continue his journey. This farm was a mistake. Boris climbs down the ladder and sets one foot on the floor, then another.

“Hands up and don’t you fucking move a muscle!” A woman’s voice. He feels a cold, sharp, metal object pressing in his back.


“Alright, my hands are up. I mean no harm, please.” Boris says calmly.

He feels hands searching his pockets and frisking him for weapons. His pistol is removed from his belt, his hunting knife from his boot and Boris is then told to drop his backpack on the floor.

“So.. How is the boar hunting going?” Boris says while slowly turning around so he can see the people who captured him.

He looks in the eyes of a woman, dressed like a soldier with camouflaged patterned clothing. She is aiming a gun at him. A hunting rifle, model CZ 550, bolt-action. Next to her is another person, same clothing, going through Boris’ possessions in the bag.

“The boar-hunting went fine, but I think we just caught the biggest prize yet.” The woman replies.

She looks and her companion and he nods to her. She gestures with the rifle.

“Why don’t you just sit down in that chair so we can have a little chat, Mister..?” She says.

“My name is Boris. Boris Mistovsky.” Boris replies while sitting down in the chair. “I mean no harm, I merely try to survive out here.”

The unknown man takes the GPS from Boris’ bag and gives them to the woman. She looks to them and then looks at Boris.

“Well Boris Mistovsky, you are now our prisoner. Your bag contains a lot of valuable things so we will be taking it aswell. Your stuff and your life now belong to us, you got that?”

Boris wants to protest, but nods instead. It seems the best thing to do at the moment.

“Good, Boris. Do not try anything stupid. You will regret it”. She says.

The man then takes out a roll of duct tape and starts taping Boris his hands tightly behind his back.

“Is this really necessary?” Boris says to the woman.

“Boris, you carry a lot of strange things. Very unlike any other survivor we encountered so far. You’ll have to stay tied up until we can trust you. But don’t worry, we are not beasts.” She says.

Boris looks at her, impressed by her professionalism. She must have done this before.

“If you are not beasts. What are you then?” Boris says.

“Why don’t you first tell me why your clothes and bag smell of smoke and fire? Were you responsible for the house that was set on fire yesterday? I found remains of a body inside the house. This was about 2 miles north from here, near the castle of Devils.” She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, eyes on Boris.

“Err.. I was there, yes. The man who lives there, he tried to kill me. That pistol you took from me, it was his. All I did was defend myself and during the struggle, the house caught fire and I barely managed to make it out alive.” Boris told her.

She raises an eyebrow and replies “I can’t believe the old man Savietsky tried to harm you. I always found him a strange man, living out there all alone in the forest. He was a strong man and an ex-Spetsnaz soldier living on his pension, or so I was told. If he really tried to kill you, then you must have done something terrible to him”.

“I might have been.. Trespassing.. Inside his house”. Boris says.

“I see. Well, you’re lucky to be alive Boris. But you know what, I don’t believe you.” The woman grabs the papers again and shows them to Boris. “ Can you tell me why the name Savietsky is on this list of names and why he is crossed through?”

Boris answers “I.. I cannot tell you..” He thinks about the rabbit he dreamt about earlier. It mentioned a name. Agnieszka.

Boris continues “I really can’t tell you anything about the list… Agnieszka”.

Agnieszka takes a step back and grabs the rifle in both hands, aiming at Boris his chest once again, trembling.

“How..? You know my name. Who the fuck are you?” She says.

Boris himself is surprised by this. He can’t believe the rabbit could have predicted this. Will the dream come true? But then, a scream, far away in the distance. Coming closer. And closer.

“Boris?! Answer me!” He hears Agnieszka screaming, far, far away.. It’s happening again.

Boris then starts shaking and screaming on the chair and drops to the ground face first on the wooden boards, hands still tied behind his back. It becomes red before his eyes. All he can see is the woman being teared apart in front of him. Organs and blood spilling out, her face being covered in blood. It is her face. Agnieszka. He then loses any sense of time and space. Boris blacks out.

Agnieszka then sits next to him and puts her hand on Boris’ forehead. She tries to calm him down and slowly Boris stops shaking. She tries to wake him up, but he seems to be in some kind of coma.

The unknown companion of Agnieszka stands up, grabs some documents from the backpack and throws the bag in a corner. He removes his mask and lights a cigarette.

“Aga, what do we do with him? Leave him here for the bandits?” He says, pointing at Boris.

“No, he can be a valuable asset. Besides, I want to know why the SVR logo is stamped on some of his documents. But I can’t read them, it’s some kind of strange language. Cypher maybe.. We will interrogate him again when he wakes up.”

The man nods and takes a drag from the cigarette. Agnieszka grabs Boris’ belongings and puts them in his bag. She then hangs the bag over her shoulder.

“Give me the pistol Wunski, it might come in handy later.” Agnieszka tells him.

“I hope it won’t, but it seems like its Sovietsky’s pistol indeed. It seems Boris was telling the truth. Look at the ingravings. A.S… I’m guessing Artyom Savietsky?”

He puts on his balaclava again and gives the pistol to Agnieszka. She looks at the ingravings and then secures the gun between her belt.

“It’s mine now.” She says, while looking outside the windows for any human activity. But she sees none. Good, we don’t need any visitors now.

Agnieszka and Wunski grab Boris and carry him outside. After a short while of walking through the dense forest, they arrive at a hidden open field in the midst of the trees. They drop Boris, who is still unconscious, on the grass and start removing the camouflaged nets covering the UAZ Jeep they have parked there earlier. After the camouflage is removed, they pick up the unconscious Boris and place him in the backseat of the UAZ.

“Let’s hurry and go back to the hideout. I can’t wait to show our comrades our newest catch”. Agnieszka says to Wunski.

Wunski presses the gas pedal and nods at her. “it will be a pleasant surprise if he is one of us. We could use the help.”

She pulls out a red beret from her pocket and looks in the side mirror while fitting it on her head. The SVR emblem shines on the front of the beret, her eyes looking back at herself through the dirty mirror.

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Guest Phalix

It's good, but I'm lost on the whole story.

There will be revealed more soon :)

Next write, I advise adding colors? Bold it, make it larger font or something, because after about 3/4'th of the mindfuckery my eyes started to droop from the wall of text.

Just my two cents. ;)

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It's good, but I'm lost on the whole story.

There will be revealed more soon :)

Next write, I advise adding colors? Bold it, make it larger font or something, because after about 3/4'th of the mindfuckery my eyes started to droop from the wall of text.

Just my two cents. ;)

Thanks for the tip, yeah ill do that! Might also draw a picture for every chapter to add some atmosphere

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  • 2 months later...

I've added Chapter 2: Daylight. These events take place the morning directly after Chapter 1: Darkness. To understand the strange encounters and the nightmares and hallucinations, it's best to read chapter 1 first. Enjoy!!!

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  • Emerald

Good read but a bit confusing.

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