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How I can use Radio?

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  • Emerald

You don't "use" your radio, teamspeak classes as your radio, the item is just there to prevent people metagaming. So if you don't have a radio you cannot pass IC information over teamspeak.

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  • Legend


"Radio-communication" is Ts / Skype / or whatever you use.

Let´s say for example:

- You get robbed of your Radio.

- You mute yourself in Ts.

- When the conversation ingame is over, you can unmute yourself in Ts.

- You are allowed to talk to your friends in Ts again BUT ONLY OOC. (if they ask you what happen, you can say OOC: "I have no Radio, I can´t tell")

- You are not allowed to tell your friends what happend to you ingame.

- You have to find INGAME a new Radio.

-THEN you are allowed to tell your friends IC what happend to you. (keep the revenge-Time in mind)

You start with an Item in your toolbet. You can find them also ingame if you loose it.

Is this understandable?

If you give Information in Ts after, for example, your robbers took your radio from you (you drop the Item) it would be metagaming and you could get an punishment for it.

It is used for Roleplay. No other function.

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  • Legend

marked as solved

Glad I could help. If you have more questions about this topic, feel free to pm me.


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  • Sapphire

An IC way of communicating with other survivors over the forums. If you go and read the radio chatter rules thread, you'll learn more about it there.

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  • Sapphire

That is a new forum section for in-character radio messages but on the forums instead.

Rules about the Radio Chatter section can be found here

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