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New Gear Help

Dale Gribble

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Hi this isnt a help thread and I apologize if it was misleading. I'd like to advertise here about me wanting to meet up at the TP to trade some gear with someone...bascially what I need is a new backpack and a weapon, I'm sorry I have to ask this, but my car with all its gear was stolen so I have to kind of beg, this is only if you're willing, maybe we can set up a time... im on the Eastern U.S. timezone. Thank you.

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My apologies, I didnt think this could fit the need.

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Wrong section, moving to General Discussions.

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Guest Phalix

Either make it like, rp radio IC message, or just wander up to people at TP and ask.(I mean, back in the day, you had CBR and now I think Hosts that give out weapons/essentials to civilians)

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It's best to trade all IC dude. Gear ain't an important thing DayZ RP, its the fun that it provides. Don't bother trying to horde better gear. It's very time consuming and not what the server is for. I used to do it aswell but it is very boring and tiring. You're better off getting in more RP scenarios. That's where it's fun. :)

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Pretty much what the others said. If you want to beg for gear and don't want to scavenge it yourself, keep the begging in character, in game. Or make friends on TS with someone.

I'm going to close this.

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