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141.15mHz - Open SVR Frequency

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*Felix is inside of a house bouncing a half-empty bottle of vodka in his hand*


Hey Vlad, guess what i found in the house we searched earlier

*a large grin stretches across Felix's face*

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  • Sapphire

*Zakheav hears the broadcast, and looks at his radio realising that Felix has made our private frequency public.*

"Felix I dont think the Kapitans will be happy you have opened our private frequency. Take heed when you confront them next."

"Zakheav lies back down on the campbed next to Artyom in the shack"

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*Zakheav hears the broadcast, and looks at his radio realising that Felix has made our private frequency public.*

"Felix I dont think the Kapitans will be happy you have opened our private frequency. Take heed when you confront them next."

"Zakheav lies back down on the campbed next to Artyom in the shack"

*Felix looks at his radio in confusion*

I think you've had a bit too much vodka comrade!

This frequency is open to ANYONE who wants to speak to us, SVR.

You must be on the wrong frequency if you think this is private!

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  • Sapphire

*Jasha's radio bursts to life as he receives the transmission*

"Comrades! Make sure to bring back all the vodka you find out there, we are running very low at camp!"

*He puts his radio down and takes a swig from the last bottle*

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  • 5 weeks later...

*The radio comes to life, and the voice of a frenchman fills the comms*

To the SVR, know that your "comrade" was not harmed and was properly protected by our forces. You are not our enemy, the creatures that plague these lands are. We will continue our mission to eliminate these monsters, should you interfere with this mission we will, and will, carry out the necessary means to keep this from happening again.

You will not disarm us, you will not restrict our supply distribution, and should you harm any of our men....Pray. Pray long and hard. This is not a threat, this is a warning. We no longer want to toil with trivial conflicts. The actions you take in the next coming days will be closely observed. We have eyes everywhere.

This is the 1st Marine Zombie Eradication Division. Semper Fi.

*After a long pause a song begins to play*

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Guest The Reverend

*Reverend listens as he hears the voices of Russians come through the speakers. His eyes are bloodshot from the restless night he had, running away from a bunch of bandits. He did leave a couple of surprises for them still, but he was tired. He lifted the radio and spoke loud and clear in Russian*

- Слушайте меня внимательно. Либо вы валите из Чернаруса, либо я перережу ваши глотки!

*The radio goes silent*

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  • Emerald

*Davikoc looks up to his radio as he hears a foreign accent coming through. He increases the volume slightly and starts listening before bursting out in laughter. He grabs the radio and responds appropriately*

"Your militia is as pathetic as 'warning'. We look forward to throwing you on our pile of bodies. There is your Semper fi...

*The Kapitan shuts off the radio but not before laughing into the radio*

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Guest The Reverend

*After receiving an answer from Wunski, Reverend shuts his eyes and sighs. As much as he did not want to do it, he had to. His country was nothing but rubble and an unstable government. "Wunski has as much rights for Chernarus as does a cat" - Rev thinks to himself and switches on the radio again. This time, all he does is put it on the ground, mic turned on*

— How about we start a game, Wunski? Remember the time you raided the Free Medics in Cherno? With three guys defending the stashes? I do. I remember you and your petty men well. One of your people got me in the shoulder. It's fine now. But I am not. I will not stop till I cut every single one of your tongues out and feed them to you - Shouts Rev, his words and eyes filled with rage. — When I capture one of your men, I will torture him like I have tortured nobody else. Just a warning Wunski - I like fire. —

* Rev finishes and throws the radio into the middle of a burning stash of little self-made bombs. The last thing you hear is the sound of an engine and the explosion of the bombs. Then all goes silent. Just static. Zkh... Zkh.... *

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*Alexander has his radio on all this time. He wipes his blood-covered hand on the PAU corpe next to him, and he turns the mic on. A deep, broken Russian accent starts talking*

Well, look who it is, my favourite dumbass


I thought your guys were marines, but you dropped like ants in the gas station.


Down in Cherno, we attacked due to you and a member of the FMDS being cocky and rude against us. We burned the place to the ground just for an insult. I don't think you understand they metric tone of shit you just got yourself into.

*voice goes silent, while some mumbled screams can be heard, just to stop after what sounded like a shot from a surpressed weapon*

Where was I? Oh, yes, killing you. When you captured our man, I was just gonna kill you. But you seem too stupid for death, and too cocky to understand your position in the new food chain, the bottom. Death, will seem like a wet dream when I get you.

*voice pauses, a car door can be heard closing in the background*

I'm coming for you

*an engine starts and the radio goes back to silence*

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  • Sapphire

*Jahaad stares into Mogilevka from The Ummah as he hears a russian voice on the radio. He picks it up and begins talking in a strange accent*

"If you are that group my supreme leader and I ran into earlier at the airfield, listen up. We will not follow your directives. You have no authority in Allahs lands.

We are not scared of you.

I look forward to our next meeting."

*He puts the radio down and continues to stare into Mogilevka, thinking of how these demons have infested the land on which they now live.*

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  • Emerald


Hello comrades. This is Anton Stepanov. i heard about The Directives. Specialy Directive 4.7. but anyways ive been doing that job for SVR the past week and i wanna make sure the weapons gets in the right hands. So i want to meet some of you. Currently am at the thing they call Trade Post. Reply to my radio call if you of you are intrested in the weapons. 'over' *statics once again*

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  • Emerald

Davikov listened to the radio with raised eyebrows. "that is new..." He grabbed the radio and responded.

'We are glad that you help our cause. We are currently located at a small camp at Dichina. perhaps we could continue the conversation there'

Davikov turned the radio off and walked away.

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  • Emerald

*Anton quickly turn around with the V3S and mumbles to himself* Dead bodys and gunshots, hmmm i guess They got company.

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*Adjusting his voice and tweaking his radio settings*breathes in and speaks*

Greetings to you,

Professor Hunter Current Overseer of the Hosts Organisation calling,

We haven't spoken in some time prior to our last meeting, we have been extremely busy with current events within the chernarus region, but I would like to capitalize on what was agreed verbally during our last meeting with Dr.Stefan Ahkovich via a secure frequency.

I understand your superiors may be busy at this time but I must stress the seriousness of the situation...it affects us all, one way or another.

I will await your response with great anticipation.

Safe travels along your path.

Over and out*

*static ensues*XxxxxxXxx#xxx.

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  • 1 month later...

*After a brief conversation with one of her prospects, Jesse leaves the hospital and walks toward her apartment and slowly ascends the steps to the top floor. When she reaches her room, she steps over Ray who is asleep on the floor and makes her way over to the balcony before pulling out her radio. She keys the transmission button and stares out to the city before speaking, allowing a long moment of static to flood through the radio.*

"This message is for Paula Hamilton."

*There is another long pause of static before the message continues*

"This is PFC Jesse Valentine of B-17. I received word that you wish to speak with me. Over."

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*Static sounds with intermittent voices and pauses, a slurry voice can slowly be heard*

"This is Terrence Lightwood *static* Testing different frequencies... *Draws breath* Been tryin' to contact my brothers and a close friend named John Penteck... *static noise* My brothers names are Patrik and John Lightwood... If ...*static noise*... anyone has heard of them or encountered them tell them... *coughs loudly, noise of glass being broken is heard* Tell them we found more fellow Coast Hunters and we are on the way and better supplied than ever... *static* Sweden is a barren wasteland at this point do not even think of coming back there...*growling noise heard*"

*static noise*

*radio transmission ends*

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  • Emerald

*Ricks hears the man, and slightly chuckles to himself*

What do you think we are, the lost and found? Get off our frequency unless you actually have something useful to report

*Rick sets his radio down and goes back to eating his cream cake*

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  • Legend


Paula is sleeping next to Artyom. The static from her radio wakes her up and she starts too look around while listening to the message until she realises that the voice is of a woman.

She quickly turns the volume on the radio up a little.

Oh my fucking god! She is actually speaking with me!

Before Paula picks up the radio, she takes a deep breathe, closes here eyes and starts thinking back to the moment she first met her.

She can hear her heartbeat and feel her blood pressure increase. With a strong and kinda angry voice but still whispering, she starts to speak.

"You know who I am? Do you remember me sweetheart?

*Takes a deep breathe*

How is your recruit? Tell him my offer for a new tattoo still stands.


I never thought you would contact me but I like surprises.


How about a nice little picnic, only you and me, so we can talk about some things?

You think you can do that sweetie, without the protection from your bad little boys?"

Paula smiles and takes the vodka from Artyom's backpack, putting the bottle to her lips and takes a big sip.

I fucking hate vodka.

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*While she waits for a response, Jesse sets down her radio and begins to pull out her pack of cigarettes. She slides one out and as she rests it between her lips, her radio buzzes to life causing her eyes to dart to the small contraption. As she listens to the familiar voice of the woman, a small smirks etches itself across her face before she chuckles lightly to herself.*

*She pulls out a zippo from her pocket and begins to light her cigarette, its small flame cascading shadows across her face. She inhales deeply and lets the smoke unravel from her lips before she lets out a deep sigh and picks her radio back up.*

"Of course I remember you. You're that Black Hat..well.." *She pauses for a short moment* "I suppose it's suffice to say the ex Black Hat, yeah? Rumor has it you traded it in for a pretty new red one."

*Jesse says with a hint of mockery in her voice as she blows out another puff of smoke with a heavy sigh, ignoring the comment about her prospect.*

*She waits for the woman to finish before she chuckles lightly to herself again.*

"Now, what kind of woman would I be to decline a call with the Mrs. Hamiliton..."

*Jesse's grin widens but as the woman continues, her smile quickly fades. She then turns to look over her shoulder to Ray who is still fast asleep. A scowl sets deep into her features as she pauses for a long moment to contemplate her answer.*

Picnic my ass.

*She turns back toward the cityscape of Chernogorsk and leans her arms limply against the railing of the balcony*

"I'll tell you what...*She finally says after the long pause of static filled silence* You name the time and place and it's a date. But unlike you, I DON'T like surprises, so lets just make this between the two of us. You don't bring your men, I won't bring mine. Sound fair enough, darling?"

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This is Terrence Lightwood. Heard your response last night could not answer because of zombie problem... *static* ....ude *static*... ucker aren't you? We'll straighten things like these out when we arrive. By the way this was a shot in the dark on different frequencies and even if we found a prick I guess it's better than a zombie. Or maybe not.

*cocks gun close to mic*


*transmission ends*

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • Emerald

*The Radio turns on and a slight bleeping noise rings out for 6 seconds until you hear the panting of an english man but with a slight eastern European accent*

I hope you got out of that situation in Kabanino okay.

*The man winces with pain as he pressurises the wound on his leg*

You probably don't remember the Free Stalkers but we used to help you guys back in the day with enemies like the Black Hats. Hopefully we can become good friends again and we can go back to the good old times eh.

*coughing blood and squinting in pain the man pull out a stick of morphine and injects it into his leg before releasing the button on his radio*

*a light bleep can be heard transmiting from the radio till it all turns silent.*

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  • Emerald

*Kapitan Wunski Davikov looks towards his radio as he hears a voice speaking. He listens to the message and smirks before responding*

'We got out just fine, people should learn that we will never leave and should just bend a knee instead of oppose us.'

*a moment of silence before the Kapitan speaks up again.*

'I have read reports about the Free Stalkers and you have helped with SVR's presence here in the past. However There was another man in charge back then and things were different. The only way we can reach the same terms of agreement is if you start following our laws. Start doing that and then we can talk'

*with a click Wunski turns off the radio and exits his tent*

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-kkcchhh- white noise

-kcgchhhshhhhhhh.......- white noise clearing

-....- complete silence

"Hello Sluzhba Vneshnej Razvedki. It is your leader, comrade Putin. For your dedication to Mother Russia, I have ordered a shipment of packages to Chernarus, containing bottles of Vladimir Vodka. The best Vodka and *cough* the only Vodka in production at this moment. When you drink this Vodka and celebrate, remember to not give Wunski a single drop. Here in the Kremlin the stories still roam the halls. Good luck. Putin out."

-kkghgjhjgdsshgrtjrj..."Boris turns off receiver".

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