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Partialy burned diary.

Guest TheSelsner

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Guest TheSelsner

The stench of smoke is heavy in the air as you step into the burned out building that leave dust clouds of ash behind your footsteps.

You came here looking for supplies. But instead you find my diary. I was hesitant at first, and tempted to shoot you, but youll never know its my story anyway. A calmness fell over me like wave at the Chernaurus coast. Most of the pages are ripped out or burned, much like the building i used to live in. Yet there time for you to read my diary. I put my cz 550 into a leaning position on my shoulder, and cover your blind-spots as you begin to read.

"Its a new dawn its a new day. I dont wanna go to this new school really. Im sick of seeing the same people everywhere.. The same bullies bullying me. but i guess it- "

You looked startled because of the books lacking content, but continue looking at the book.

As you go through the pages quickly without reading i can hear the slight roar from a zombie inside the supermarket. It has seen you so i decide to take it out. The sound of the riffle confuses you, but you quickly relax again and continue reading my life, as it where.

"I wish i had known my parents, and werent raised in an orphanage.. The lonelyness was the worst part. But i guess, now that the world has gone to shit. Less and less people inhabit this land, the loneliness probably made me ready for living alone in the woods like th- Im ready for thi-"

The page cuts off into a blackened-ash.

I only just turned 19 after the first infected started showing. Luckily. I know my way around the woods in Zelenogorsk, aswell as the military airfield. I found a weapon aswell as some essential supplies in the chaos of soldier fighting off the infected. And i ran from there. Ran like i never had before. All i could hear, was my footsteps. It felt like i had held my breath for hours when i finnaly stopped at the fireplace i made several months ago. I live there for weeks. Hunting rabbits, boar and bear.

And now im back again. Seeing my hometown, filled with the carcases of the people i once knew.. From that moment. When i saw the burning buildings and the survivors in town, mindlessly slaughtering eachother, i decided to take action. To vindicate the Soviet motherland of this filth. Be it living or dead. Bandit og Braindead. They will not win.

I miss my Chernaurussian friends...


Hope you liked the weed, im waiting patiently to be approved :)

Hope to see you in the server soon.

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