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Heidelyho, neighborinos!

Guest Khad

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It's Khad!

22 years old and from Germany. I just wanted to try DayZRP for a looong time and here I am. Finally. Just sent my whitelist-application and hope that I don't annoy the GM's too much with these 3000 letters :3c ... and that they can understand all zis german grammatics O_O.

Looking forward to see you soon ingame.

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  • Sapphire

Don't worry the GM's don't read applications only our beloved Admins do and one of our Admins happen to be German! So if you're lucky enough she'll be reading it :D

Anyways welcome aboard and good luck with your whitelist application, don't forget to read the rules :)

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don't forget to read the rules Smile

Oh I did it so hard!

About...three times? I was a little bit too stupid to figure out, what a passphrase might be 8D

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