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Guest Hyborith

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  • Moderator

Hyborith the hunter.

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  • Sapphire

More people from 2012? Good to see :)

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  • Emerald

Not many of the new folks will know me. a few of the still alive veterans may remember me.

With the return of the trade post and a new skill set for myself to boot from training else where. its time to comeback to roots and see how things have changed.

I think before i get too far into returning i will scope out the clans as usual. but that is for another thread later on.

U gonna start using a gun now you crazy bastard ;)

Welcome back hyborith

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  • Emerald

To finish this topic of returning. i think its time to finally name the Hyborith charactor. during today before the trade post party i will do it.

Dr K.W

See you at Tp then

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