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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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95.5 - Open 501st Frequency

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*Jack's hands grasped the radio that sputtered to life with a crackle and yanked it out of its pouch, his thumb hitting and holding down the button on the side.*

"This is Jack Woodward speaking, reading you loud and clear, Capt'n. Is there any reason for this radio call, or are you simply bored out of your mind?"

*The gruff man let go of the button and placed it on a tall rock next to him, his hands hovering over the fireplace as he tried to warm himself in the cold night.*

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Guest GreenGod

*No attempt to disguise his voice* * Yes I read you loud and clean 501nd. Where did we stash all of our guns? Also I lost my map where do you gu....we set up camp again?

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*Pat grabs his radio from his belt and keys in the 501st Frequency*

Hello, Tex? I hear you. This is Lt. Spillane, Tell Kanen that I need to speak with him.. alone, in the Trade Post if he thinks it's safe. I don't care where to be quite honest, I just need to talk to Kanen as soon as possible..

Spillane Out.

*The radio goes silent*

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  • Sapphire

*Lucifer grabs his radio while sitting in the woods alone*

Hello there Spillane. I will tell Kanen what you said. If he beats the shit out of you, don't be surprised.

*Lucifer tunes to the secure radio and grabs his M4 thinking, "this should end well"*

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*A young man with an optimistic sounding voice presses a button on a his PDA*

"Hello, you don't know me and I don't know you. Isn't that relationship strange?

*The man laughs lightly*

Anyways, my point is simple. I want to meet your leader, does that sound fair? I'll come unarmed and alone and just trust you won't shoot me. Got it? Answer me on this channel if you wish to accept my offer, I'll be waiting!"

*The man smiles and puts down his pda*

"Now I just have to wait."

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  • Sapphire


Hello Rynder,

good to hear from you old buddy it's Brigadier General Kanen, hope everything is fine. I will meet you at altar hill at 18:00 hours tomorrow hopefully you can make it will be good to speak to you again, also I need a favour.


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  • Sapphire

You hear a cracking sound as a foot presses on the radio, it activates as the foot lands on it

A sound of a groan is heard from the speaker

The sound cuts as the zombie continues his walk

The zombie was Tobias 'Hawk' Smith

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*Your radio crackles into life*

Hello, this is Pat Spillane, I would like to thank you for your assistance in the massacre of the Block-17 that were occupying Altar Castle this evening. Without your assistance, the assault would not have ran as smoothly! I hope Kanen is okay after his injury too, Spillane out.

*Your radio goes silent*

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