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89.6 - Open NVF frequency

Guest Likurja

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Guest Likurja

*Static noise goes of when he tunes in his ham radio*

This is Zakhar Zukowski Head Ranger of the New Volgograd Rangers,

does anyone hear me? Over.

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Guest Phalix

*He lays at night, not able to sleep, tuning into a lot of random frequencies before reaching this one, he replies in a lightly static voice*

Nice to hear a different voice other than my own. Nice to meet you- Z-Zu-Zukowski? Hope I said that right.

Name's Dom, and you mind me asking what the fuck a "New Volgograd Ranger" is? I know what Volgograd is, had some work there not long ago, but a "Volgograd Ranger"?

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Guest Likurja

*Holds his microphone to his mouth and clicks the button*

Ah perfect, the frequency works, I guess I didn't massed it up at Green Mountain then.

And no this is not a distress signal who ever are you.

Messega to the rangers: Report at the Outpost as soon as you can.

Oh and Dom eh? Volgograd Rangers? Its a long story maybe meet with us face to face and I will tell you what you need to know.

I don't want to leave you with all secrets so how about this? We are a bunch of civilized people.

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  • Emerald

*Jiri hears the radio chatter and puts on his radio headset to response*

"This is Native, I read your message and will return to camp as soon as possible.

Native out."

*Jiri turns off his radio and recovers his rucksack and rifle.*

"Time to get going then I guess, a long way back to the outpost.."

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  • MVP

*Radio Static*

This is Major Garrison! I hope you boys are all okay! If anyone hears this, please give my thanks to the man that gave me this frequency! If you boys need support or weapons, just send a call my way. Me and my men are preparing our resources to defend against these Council bastards. Like I said, if you need something, contact us.

Stay safe. God be with you all.

**Deep inaudible chatter, then static**

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  • Emerald

*With a slight crackle in his voice Pyotr answers the radio hail in his own mocking way*

This is Pyotr, also head ranger of this expedition. I'm already here, but I'm hunting for rabbit. Perhaps you should wait a while longer, eh?

Pyotr, out.

*slight radio click as it disconnects*

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  • Emerald

*Jiri removes the radio set from his back pack and switches is on*

This is Native calling Fox, Native calling Fox do you read me over?

I briefly spoke with a member of the Front this afternoon, I shall not reveal his name in the interests of security but they seem to be interested in hosting a formal meeting between the CLF and the NV-R. The man said he'll confirm things with the Major first before arranging anything but if I see him again is there any message you want me to pass on over?

Seems like a good opportunity to build good relations, Native Out.

*Jiri switches of the radio and stows it back into his pack before returning to the safety of the forest*

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  • Sapphire

*hears some chatter on the radio*

Hello? Glenn here from BHM, is this NV-R?

I've met one of your girls before, say hi to her.

*puts the radio in the radio pocket.

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Guest GreenGod

*After listening to the frequency passively for the last few days Ray figures he's got the right frequency*

This is Ray from the boys on the block. I'm fin to send down a few of my boys to you they gonna be in touch with yall in a bit.

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  • Emerald

*With a crack in his voice and a stutter*

This is the Professor, I've returned from my venture but I am not in the best of shape. I will attempt to make my way towards the last known camp, hear me out I will need medical attention on return.

*You hear shots and the radio cuts out to static*

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  • Emerald

*Clears his throat before broadcasting his message*

Native to all scouts, Native to all scouts do you read me over? Time to rub the sleep out of your eyes gentlemen we have work to do! Anchor is nearly complete and we shall have new orders. Keep your ears out on the net and expect further instructions within the next few days. Native Out.

*Jiri switches off his radio and breathes out deeply*

"Well no point in vegetating, time to get a wriggle on.."

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  • 2 weeks later...

*Radio cuts into sounds of fumbling and mumbling*

'Ello? Is this... yeah. Oh, okay. This is Rob, just wondering whereabouts I should head to meet everyone. Had a run in with Cee-Arr-Ay last night, they surrounded the Raven's Nest and took out an Ess-Vee-Arr who was inside. They let me go and have my stuff when they realised who I was with. They took my grenade though... anyway, yeah. Rob, out.

*More fumbling, radio cuts back to static*

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*Coops snatches at his radio listening to Rob*

rob it's Coops, this frequency is not safe give out locations. You will need to tune in to the other one. As for the CRA I will need you to brief me on the event with full details as soon as we meet. Coops out

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  • Emerald

*Jiri hears the radio chatter and decides to respond*

Da, very unsecure this channel is. So much so you should be using radio call signs and no names.

*you hear a short laugh*

I will give a brief later this week on operational security and keeping our radio channels secure. Native out.

*Jiri chuckles to himself once more before switching off his radio*

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