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Nice to see so many here

Guest TheSelsner

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Guest TheSelsner

Hello there, i recently filled in my application, and i must say, im excited to join the server if that becomes a reality ;)

You will probably run into me on the server once or twice, as my sixth sense always tells me where danger, or profit lurks. Im not in it for kills, but because i feel that the CORE of dayz servers are lacking a key component of this great game, which is communication.

I can work will people, and youll probably get to work with me aswell ;)

IC: I dont even know how i got that far from Zelenogorsk. I was a former resident there. but somehow, i allways find myself miles away. With a head pounding and a stomach roaring. Ive lived here my whole life. I know my way around, if i trust you, you wont regret having me covering your ass. I defend myself and Zele from bandits, and protect its survivors. So if you see a mysterious stranger hanging around. Think twice before you roll the dice.

- Im excited too see you guys out there. Peace!

- Selsner.

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