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Can you steal gear from vehicles in the trading post?

Guest JordanVSGamingYT

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Guest JordanVSGamingYT

Hello fellow role players! Basically today I was at the trading post and some guy was IC and he was asking the guards this: "Hey excuse me CTC guards, is my vehicle safe out here from like robbers and stuff like that?" Personally that makes me feel that it is allowed but I'm not totally sure. I knew they were IC so what they were saying could have been just role play but I'm not sure. So are you allowed to just steal from vehicles there? And if you get caught are there any punishments? Thank you for the help.

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Guest Generic Name

I don't know how you got whitelisted without knowing that stealing is forbidden in the tradepost, it's clearly stated in the rules. Also your name is forbidden as it is the name of the character from the Assassin's Creed series, you might wanna remedy that before you get told by an admin.

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  • Emerald

No, you cannot steal items from vehicles inside the trading post.

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Guest JordanVSGamingYT

Okay thank you. And Echo I already did but it hasn't updated yet apparently. And I don't remember the trade post rules very well I'm not sure why. But I read all the rules very carefully.

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