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Tour De Chernarus v3

Guest ArcticStarling

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Guest ArcticStarling

Tour de Chernarus


Previous Events

First Tour

Second Tour

Timing and Location

The timing and date of the event is yet to be decieded and the location will be Berezino on the event server.

How to sign up

Name :

Role :

Group :

This event will have a whitelist and I reserve list. Rolle I request you do not change the event as you have done in previous events.


To be decided.

The Route



Ed Holmes - B-17 - Creator


Dr Dax


Mick Thompson

Ayton Hunter


Vladislav Bogdani- SVR

Viktor Ivanov - SVR

Peter Anderson - none

Yury 'BoomBoom' Polonski - Fallen

Daheb Alemayehu - SDS(4Lyfe)

Bryan O'Conner - MBE

Dominic Walker - MBE

Michael Cross - FMDS

Harry Douglas - None

Jack Crovic - BHM

Jim Burton - None

Teo Sokolov - CRA

Dennis Smith - Fallen

Niklas Levkov - Fangs

Shalkar Chech - CRA

Imran Zachiav - CRA

Robert Avilov - CRA

Janek Adamski - SVR

Zakheav Antonov - SVR

Lucifer James Wiltshire - 501st

Sam James - None

Pat Spillane - Fallen

Damien Cross - SUNS

Cid Owens - Unnamed

Remy Taveras - SUNS

Shunsuke Nakamura - Doragonzu

Luka Soldatov - BHM

Samuli 'Masulii' Repo - FMDS

Lincoln Orion - Title Holder

Joel Vargas - None

Pavlov Vavwadai - FMDS

Kevin Ferguson - B-17

Gerralt Brade - MBE

Zakhar Zukowski - NV-R

Maksim Oboryn - B-17

Paddy O'Connor - B-17

Patrick Samba - None

Naji Saleh - None

Phil Moyo - None

Danny 'Doc' Grey - FANGS

Brandon Tallent - FM

Adrik Aleksandrov - BHM

Dath 'Tiddles' Nirion - SUNS

See you there and may the best win!

Disclaimer this is an OOC event, but do not sexual RP or anything stupid. Other than that same rules apply as they would on DayZRP. NO HOSTILE ACTIONS

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  • Emerald

Name :Viktor Ivanov

Role :Contestant

Group :SVR

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  • Diamond

Name :Naomi Lyonsfield

Role :Staff?

Group :Hosts

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  • Sapphire

Was actually going to contact you about this yesterday, haha!

Happy to help as always on the staff roster. :)

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