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Could it be possible to create a DayZRP XML for when community players play other DayZ/ArmA games/mods. Kind of like how we have the steam group for steam games i.e. CS:GO. It would be a great way to find other DayZRP players on other mods.

Would anyone be interested?

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  • Sapphire

I always use my DayZRP profile on everything else just cos i cbf changing it. Surely i cant be the only one? xD

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  • Sapphire

Would be a nice idea, a staff run XML, problem being would be adding people to it.

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  • Emerald

Would also be good advertisement for the community in other places, if you could overcome the issue of constantly maintaining the XML.

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Guest TehGreekGamer

Or maybe just add [DayZRP](name) to your profile because you might get banned from many servers if you officialy advertise another one

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