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My backround story :l

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I really need help makeing a backround story for my person, iv tried so many times to come up with one, but they just end up crap. if anyone reads this i was just wondering if you could help me out. Thanks

~ Gunfox

ps: pm if you can help! thanks

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No one can really help you, its what character you want to be and you have to make it yourself. I suggest making it something unique, my old character was a business man for example.

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Back-stories need to be personal to your character, and well thought through, so my suggestions would be:

  • Try to make something unique and not the standard "...and then the plane got shot down" stuff, that's quite overused.
  • Try to get an idea of who your character is going to be and what type of life he had before the infection.
  • Think about why they are in Chernarus, and how they got there.

Also, when you go to whitelist, take a look at this thread.

There's also info on back-stories in there.

Avoid the "Superhero / Super Soldier / Special Force expert" backstory.

You are in a post-apocalyptic game, not in Halo. You are Roleplaying a human and, as every human-being, you have your weaknesses and can't be good at everything.

Roleplaying as an ex-bus driver can be as fun as your "assassin's creed ripoff" character. Just imagine something you will enjoy playing. Something realistic.

Do not play as a pure psychopath/sociopath and/or cannibal.

Remember that DayZRP is all about player interactions. Our rules enforce those interactions (be it hostile or friendly) and playing something that totally goes against players' discussions isn't something good. Of course, you can be shy or simply not enjoy talking; you can also be "weird", odd or awkward. Just not push yourself out of the rest of the World and/or reality.

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  • Emerald

My suggestion to you is base it around you and your imagination. My character is somewhat similar to me in real life as I find it easier to rp with it. Though you can take inspiration from other sources as well but I'd base it around you as it seems easier imo. Also it allows you to introduce personal aspects ingame which are unique to you.

Then once you've done that, you can focus on how you survived the infection through skill or luck.

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Make sure to properly work out the small details like age etc. before you get into writing it, because they can really sell the story if they are properly accurate and you won't make any mistakes because you're 'not sure' etc.

This is also in the wrong section, probably better off in questions :P

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Guest renen2001

Do something cool but not too crazy. Start to make 3 points in the story as an beginning, an middle point, and an end. Start where you want, you don’t have to start in the beginning. Then just let your thoughts flow and make something of them.

When you have got a story, read it and change what you don’t like, and keep on doing so until you feel it is good.

(sry for bad grama)

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  • Emerald

To start off it might be helpful to use yourself as your character. That way you can write about how you would end up in Chenarus. How you would act and how you would be effected by the events.

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  • Sapphire

/Moving to Questions. Solving, but leaving open for discussion.

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If you're a starting roleplayer, I advise that you make a character that is similar to yourself. It helps a lot in your RP, doesn't take much skill, and little by little you start to pick up RP skills.

If you have any doubt with your backstory, send me it via a PM and I'll be more then happy to help you out. Backstory could sometimes be tricky with the whole lore.

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Guest whitepointer

I feel to begin with you should keep it simple and not over-think the story to much.

When you're sitting down and writing a story, make sure you keep the general points in mind such as the characters name, gender, age, country of origin and how he came to the place (Chernarus).

I personally feel the best backstories are done in stages. The first stage is to sit down and write down the general guidelines, like stated above. With this, the most important step is to jump in-game with this character and use the experiences you witness to shape and form a deeper depth of understanding (personality, likes and dislikes ect).

Don't feel bad if it's not a large page story consisting of a deep knowledge of the character. In my mind, it's a process of development and not a task of sitting down and writing a character to ideas that pop into your mind off the top of your head.

Simplicity, time and patience is key.

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