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  • Emerald

The good old days

Kevin had been in Chernarus for years, he was here when the outbreak first started. He remembered the panic, the screams. He remembered seeing his friends turn and tear each other in half. Seeing families being ripped apart on the streets, children having to kill their parents, neighbours fighting one another. It was awful.

A week or so into the infection Kevin was huddled around a fire alone. He had a revolver he’d taken from the dead body of a cop; it was stained with blood which was turning purple. He would have killed himself right there, he’d lost all hope of rescue from the government. Anyone he’d spoke to said that the infection was worldwide; everyone he knew in Chernarus was dead. For many there was no point in living. But for Kevin there was one thing that kept him going. He pulled out a ring, one he received from a friend of his before he went on vacation across Europe two months ago. Engraved inside the ring were simply the words “To Kevin, Love Lindsey”. He looked at the ring and remembered the day he got it, the tears streaming down her face as he and the guys were leaving. She was always worried, especially about Kevin.

They had been friends since they were fourteen, now for his eighteenth birthday, his friends and him were going on a holiday across Europe all the way to Asia. He would be gone for three months; Lindsey couldn't hold back her disappointment at him leaving. They were best friends, and much to Kevin’s disappointment nothing more. He had always had feelings for her; there had been other girls, but none of them meant anything-not really. She was the reason he wasn't going to take his own life; he had to find her again. He had to know if she was alive or if she was one of those…things.

So Kevin put the ring back on, holstered his weapon and continued his new life determined to stay alive and make it home. Little did he know the path he would take to stay alive would lead him to not only meet an old friend, but also the boys of The Block 17. If Kevin did make it home, he wouldn’t be the same person he was before not after what he’d had to do to survive.


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  • Emerald

This was a good read Ferg. 10/10 would read again.

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Guest Shadow

Finally! :) Will definitely be going through this as you add more. I have no doubt your writing will show a side of B17 that most of the community has never seen before.

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  • Emerald

Thanks guys :)

And yes, it'll be a mix of both snipets from Kevins backstory and in-game encounters. Which will include the view of B-17 from someone who was once opposed to everything they did

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  • Emerald

Meeting the Red Berets

Kevin was hunting in the woods. He had been stalking a deer for 2 hours; he wasn’t what you’d call an expert hunter. He had lost the deer’s tracks multiple times, he wasn’t even sure if it was the same deer that he was following. He wandered out of the woods into a clearing and saw in front of him Zub castle.“Oh for fucks sake!” he yelled. He was done, he had been hunting for hours and all he’d done was go round in circles and waste ammo on rabbits that were too quick for him. He decided to set up camp for the night in Zub.

He started a quick fire and began to cook a tin of beans he’d found in a supermarket earlier. As he was eating his beans he heard a noise outside. It was one of the alarms he’d set up using tin cans and string. Kevin jumped to his feet and grabbed his rifle. He slowly walked outside -weapon raised- and checked the alarm. He walked around the courtyard, listening closely for the sounds of footsteps. As he turned one of the corners, he saw one of the infected. It hadn’t noticed him; it was just shuffling slowly by. Its clothes were ripped and half of its jaw was missing, you could see the shredded gums and shattered teeth inside its mouth. As Kevin reached for his knife to stab it in the head, he heard a snarl behind him. Another one of the infected had snuck up on him. Before he could react it lunged at him. Snarling and clawing at his face, Kevin managed to shove it off of him. He had dropped his knife and had nothing to defend himself. He turned and ran out of the castle, running as quickly as he could down the hill.

After a couple of minutes of sprinting down the hill with the infected still right behind him he heard the words “Comrade! Quick over here!” Without even thinking he quickly changed direction towards the voices, if he’d paid attention to what they look like then he might’ve rather took his chances with the infected.

Shots quickly echoed throughout the forest and the infected behind him dropped dead. Kevin gradually came to a stop and began to breathe heavily, his chest was on fire and his head was spinning, he felt very light headed, he’d never been so afraid and close to death since the start of the infection. He looked up to thank the men, “Thanks guys” he said still panting and out of breath. “You’re welcome comrade”. Kevin stood up straight and observed the men; he knew he had just walked into something far worse than the infected, the men where all wearing gas masks and red berets. They had high grade military weapons that looked brand new and they wore militaristic uniforms. “Are…are you military?” Kevin asked the fear in his voice obvious. The man closest to him chuckled, “not quite, you see comrade we are the ‘Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki’ and I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you to put your hands on your head “. At that exact moment both he and the other 4 men raised their weapons and pointed them directly at Kevin.

It was only then that Kevin noticed the man to his left who was tied up with his mouth duct tapped. Kevin slowly put his hands on his head and shakily said “listen…please I don’t want to die”. “You won’t have to my friend, so long as you co-operate” They patted him down and questioned why he didn’t have a bag or a weapon. Kevin explained what had just happened up till being chased by the infected. “Hmm I see my friend, well in that case you’re coming with us” Kevin and the tied up man were both grabbed and thrown inside a parked car. "Okay comrades, you have been conscripted to fight the infection in Serbia. This is both a dangerous and glorious job, many who go die by either freezing to death or in battle against the infected.” He explained. “However don’t worry I’m sure the two of you will be just fine” he said followed by a sadistic chuckle. Kevin was terrified, he began to fidget with ring on his finger and thought of Lindsey.


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