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[WIP] Finding The Raven and the Ravens


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  • Sapphire

My name is Mark 'Reaper' Rogers...

most people know me from along line of murderous groups with a lot of robberies and killing, But for me its time for a change... I do not wish to kill anymore I came here to look for my sister Angelica and that is what I will do.

Due to all of my friends and the remainder of my family dieing to this.... Decease my only hope is another group, another group of friends, A new start.

*As mark passes threw a small town he notices a small bird by a bush and walks over to it and picks it up, The bird was a raven.. Mark didn't know what to do kill it or keep it as a pet, but mark not wanting to kill for pleasure any more took the bird and a pet and kept it safe.*

Damn, I have found a bird.

It is injured I am not expert but I believe it has injured its wing.

*As mark writes in his Journal the raven slowly walks up to him and sits there looking at him like it wanted something*

The bird is..... Tamed??

It is not like anything I have ever seen its like it, Knows what it needs to do to get food I guess I better go find something for it to eat.

Mark puts the Raven on his shoulder and begins to walk to a nearby farm.

This farm should do perfectly,

What do you think......... A name what is your name......

*Mark attaches his own and last cufflink that he had been given to him from his sister and puts it on the ravens leg with a bit of string*

You raven are the only friends I have at the moment, I will name you "Cuffy" *The Raven Tweets* You like that name??

Good I don't know anymore I have been talking to myself for almost 2 months now, but I have you to talk to now.... wait how is that better??

2 Weeks Later

I have been walking for almost 2 weeks and have seen no signs of life except the walking dead... I wish I could see someone that would help me, In anyway possible or could help me find my sister.


Then all of a sudden a truck comes flying down the road with a tag on the side, I couldn't make out the tag on the side due to the sun glaring off of it, they stopped and asked me if I needed a ride so I jumped in and went with them.

The Discussion

Once of the members turned around and said.

"Hello My friend I am Morgan Riggs leader of the Raven Shield Corporation these are my men.

*The Men Turn To Mark and say one by one there names and how they ended up in Chernarus and then asked me what I was doing here*

Well sir....

I came to Chernarus with the US Army but ended up killing and hurting people for no reason at all, so I decided to leave and find another path... another way of life in this world.

I am looking for my sister Angelica she came here and helped a man... but is now dead due to the locals being.... Dead.

*Morgan Replied*

Well.... Mark is it, You have met the right people we are looking for willing recruits

Well Morgan,

If you are looking for good recruits.. I am the man for the job,

*Mark calls "Cuffy"

*Morgan Says*

Wow, what did you just randomly shout for??

*A few moments later, A raven flies threw the back of the truck and lands on marks shoulder*

Well Mr Rogers this is a sight, I was not expecting you to have such a... Loyal raven, I have never seen someone have a Raven that actually obeys them well, I haven't seen it in awhile that is.

Its my pleasure Mr Riggs.

Could I get some constructive Criticism on this please,

I know there are grammar issue's they will be sorted in the next few days or so.

Please tell me what you would like to see.


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