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Guest Phantom

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Guest Phantom

Hello everyone, my application was just recently accepted, so I'm going to be playing on the server soon. I just wanted to explain a little bit about myself and a bit of my role-playing background.

I am a friendly person, so I hope that I can fit right into this community. I am quite excited to see what this server is like, since I am fairly new to DayZ in general.

I started role-playing on some role-playing servers on Garry's Mod, and eventually became an admin on one of them. I was with that server for a couple of years. I also have role-played on multiple Minecraft servers, also which on of them I became an admin on. Now I would like to see what it is like role-playing with a zombie apocalypse theme, rather than realistic present times or fantasy servers.

Well, I hope to see some of you guys in-game so that we can have a fun time role-playing!

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