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Guest JordanVSGamingYT

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Guest JordanVSGamingYT

Hey fellow role players my name is Jordan. I'm really new to DayZRP and sort of new to DayZ overall but I'm actually a good player. I've been watching streams and videos of it for A WHILE since the mod was released I believe. I've enjoyed my first few day on the server, except for one part when I was in Cherno and if Ray from B-17 reads this he's laughing right now. Overall I've done a lot for the time I've been on, I don't really have a group yet or really not even friends. Feel free to hit me up on TS or in game, I'm TOTALLY friendly and as long as you are to I might even give you some loot and hang with you for a bit. Either way thank you for reading this I hope you guys help make this server a good experience for me unlike SOME PEOPLE! *cough* B-17 *cough* I'll see ya guys later I'm Jordan and I'm out.

P.S Happy 2nd Anniversary to DayZRP! You guys are the best RP server out there maybe not only in DayZ but in ALL games! DayZRP is super sweg *_*

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