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KoS 7 Days

Guest Whazmeister

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Guest Whazmeister

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

report 1

report 2

Why the verdict is not fair:

I would like to focus on 2 'seperate' things in this appeal. First off the extra days given and then the initial 5 days.

The extra 2 days.

On the exact same day, in the same firefight one of the SDS members Mis-ID'd a civilian that was working with Fallen, but wasn't wearing the tags, making it a rulebreak. In the verdict of that (report 2) we unfairly got a group warning that any mis-id reports would result in heavier punishments. Not only is this extremely unfair as mis ID are usually accidents and are done by individuals and not by the clan, but that 'warning' was given over an incident in the same firefight. I have never gotten any succesful KoS report up against me, I've only had 1 mis-id report, and that ended up false against the OP who received a 7 day ban. Even if I gave ears to that extra warning, this incident already happened (same firefight) and there's nothing I could do to in that fight to give extra ears to that warning, because it had already happened.

Giving me extra ban-days because a clanmate of mine mis-id'd his targets whilst I myself have basically never done that is just unfair.

the kos itself

Now, I can agree till a certain agree with staff that changing clothes might make it harded to ID targets, but not only did it make RP sense, clans always have to identify their targets, always. The claims that I made a white character to 'gain tactical advantage' are just outright rediculous and borderline discriminating. We in SDS never have any advantage: black guy->kill him. Any other clan has a wide variety of random individuals, they're not bound to their skincolor.

It's actually pretty racist, saying that a clan can only have black people, while a 'white man clan' can have both white people and black people, it doesn't make any sense and is again unfair.

Anyhow, I didn't gain any advantage, as they witnissed me changing clothes and actually shot at me, before I shot at them.

I'll agree that if someone changes into an unidentifiable skin and abuses that to be able to swiftly kill the enemy, then that is abuse.

But I can't get banned for something that could happen, but for what happened. And what happened, they shot at me and I shot back.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I don't have any additional proof. However, Conor Samuels said he personnaly didn't shoot at me. Meaning that either another Fallen did, which was somehow left out in the report. Or FMDS did, making this report completely false. I entrust both staff, and the involved people to find out who shot at me. I find it very concerning that it was left out in the OP of the report that they shot at me.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Definite removal of the unfair extra days that were given for my clan affiliation while I myself have never done anything wrong.

What could you have done better?:

Not changing clothes, however, it didn't give me a tactical advantage at all, shown by the fact that the OP's clan shot at me, before I shot at them.

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The fact that you claimed you were shot at was evaluated and considered. We decided that it did not significantly impact on the case.

When you change clothes you have decided that the current situation has ended for you. In your case you decided to go back into the situation putting yourself at risk of being shot. Since your actions both led to:

1. You changing clothes thus losing KoS rights and,

2. You getting shot at.

It was decided that the reasoning for you to re-enter the fight was not sufficient.

As for you being a white person. You were not punished for that. While you are correct we cannot stop you from playing a white character it is certainly a rather fundamental change from what SDS has historically portrayed. You cannot blame others for assuming that SDS only plays black characters when that is an assumption you have directly caused.

The bigger issue here is how multiple characters even within the same clan can lead to great confusion on the server. That is why Dax mentioned that we intend to review how alternative characters work in this respect. We would like there to be some form of consistency for clans so that the poor identifications mechanics in ARMA can be mitigated.

This goes some way to explain my personal thought process. But it does not mean that this appeal is denied. I will not be handling that.

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This appeal brings no new evidence towards the KoS charge of which you were found guilty. The points covered in the initial verdict still hold and sufficiently explain the staff team's decision. Caesar's post above also clarifies any details that may have been missing.

Having said that, it does seem that the severity of the case does not quite justfiy the full 7 day ban that was initially enacted. Therefore, after some deliberation, we have decided to reduce your ban to the proposed 5 days to match with our recognised standard punishment.


Appeal Granted, Ban reduced to 5 days.

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