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The Birth of Redback One


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  • Emerald

A New Day of Many

Beads of condensation slowly ran down the inside of the tent as I lay awake.

I could tell it was nearly time to get moving, the sun was peering into the top of the tent hitting the beads of water, casting a series of rainbows dancing around the interior. For a moment, it almost felt that the world had not gone to hell.

I didn't want to move, it was so cold outside. I wish I could just stay here all day and forget about the world.

I was procrastinating, I kept telling myself that it was safe, after all it was a quiet night and I doubt that anyone else would be awake at this time, if they were surely I would be able to hear them stomping around, or the sound of infected hunting them down.

Giving in to routine I began to put together my belongings and pack up the tent. The tag on the tent boasted that it was designed for 3 people, but it was more realistically for 2, a snug 2 at that. Just the right size for one person with the amount of crap I carried.

As I stuffed the tent into its cover and into my backpack, I looked up and noticed the mist from the surrounding mountains rolling down into the city like a large fluffy doona cover. As it hit the sun it dissipated like it was running into an invisible barrier. I paused for a moment to drink in the site, you have to enjoy the brief moments of bliss while you can.


Before moving off I looked around the surrounding areas of the city. My camping location was the roof of the town hall in Chernogorsk, I had climbed up the antenna cables the night before. I like this position; it had two exits and gave a good vantage point from the clock tower. As I scouted around with my binoculars I could see no obvious threats, I then covered myself with my ghillie suit made of old rags and dry green grass. I made my way down the antenna cables to the tall grass below and lay still taking in my surroundings, making sure that I had not been spotted by a hopper or crawler.

There was only a hand full of infected roaming the streets, but they did not seem to take any notice of me. I stayed low as I moved through overgrown nature strips and rusted out bodies of old vehicles.

You can see by the vast amount of industry ruins that Chernogorsk was once a large and powerful town providing employment and housing for thousands of locals. Unfortunately all that is left now is a broken down ghost town scattered with hundreds of starving infected. If it wasn't for the large amount of supplies left in that city I would never go near it.

As I reached the border of the city I could start to smell the aroma of the tall pines as the breeze gently passed through the valley from the east of Cherno. I think the universe was telling me to go east, I open my map and check the eastern towns I haven’t been to Berezino for quite a while, maybe i should pay a visit and check out the surrounding farms.

Memories of my last visit rushed through my head, just south of Berezino there are a number of orchards. My mouth started to water as I thought of biting into the sweet flesh of a crisp red apple.

Why must I always think about food? I swear it’s the only thing I think about now days.

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  • Titanium

Love it! Just don't write about your obsession with Lady Gaga :P

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  • Emerald

Love it! Just don't write about your obsession with Lady Gaga :P

Thanks guys!

Tyrone.. Lets never talk of this again lol ;-P

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  • Titanium

Love it! Just don't write about your obsession with Lady Gaga :P

Thanks guys!

Tyrone.. Lets never talk of this again lol ;-P

You were Born This Way. So you know... No need to deny it ;)

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  • Emerald

The Forest Dusk

The walk to Berezino was proving a tougher task than originally thought. The towns seemed to surprisingly be occupied by larger numbers of infected than usual. The higher risk of being spotted by infected kept me in the tree lines.

It was starting to get dark and I knew that I should stop and set up camp. By the density of the trees and the fact that my radio was starting to play up I must have been near Black Forest. The pines in this area seemed to have a mind of their own as they twisted up into the sky pushing and weaving out of each other. It was quite a lot more overgrown than the last time I had been. Finding the old dirt road that led to my desired camp location was going to prove harder than previously thought.

There was an abandoned farm house in the middle of the forest somewhere, but until I could find that dirt track it would be near impossible to spot. My radio had got to the stage where I had to turn it off, the feedback coming over the receiver was getting ridiculous. There was a distinct pattern of squawks and pops like a transmission was trying to punch threw, but my radio just did not have the power to clear and pick up the signal, I was going to need something much more powerful.

After another hour of walking through dense scrub I finally found something that did not appear to belong to the forest. It was an old rusted out power line. By the looks of the structure, it had not been working for years, even before the outbreak. It was bent and arched over like the hunchback of Notre dame. The paint was peeling off and rust was setting in and flaking off causing creators in the once smooth metal, the lines that once carried the power were long gone.

I knew that I had to be close to a road of some sort as it would be highly unlikely that this structure would be sitting in the middle of the forest by itself. After a few moments of investigating I found the remains of the old dirt road. The road was heavily overgrown but you could still distinguish its existence.


I followed the road for another kilometre and found the intersection to the old farm house. Surprisingly the old building was still standing. It was very run down, the pines had grown all around the structure, bark and debris from the trees was also taking its toll on the roof. I was starting to have second thought about going inside but I could hear the moans of infected wondering around, I thought its best to deal with them tomorrow gunshot noses travel a long way at night.


I snuck in without detection from the infected in the surrounding scrub line. Once in I worked on boarding out the windows and barricading the door. It was already freezing and I wanted to light a fire but I had to make sure that no light was visible from the outside. By the look of the cloud formations and the shortness of the day tonight was going to be colder than the last, this beaten old house was now going to be my sanctuary.

I busted a broken coffee table and split it up into small sections of wood to light, I took and old newspaper and lit the fire. It burnt slow at first, but once the heat built up the fire flared up and the flames appeared as vicious tongues, hissing and trying to strike me like a snake.


I opened a can of baked beans and sat them close to the fire, the thought of a hot meal filled me with excitement, even if I was going to eat out of the can. I proceeded into one of the adjacent bedrooms and pulled out the old mattress and dropped it in front of the fire. I finished my meal and stoked the fire again breaking more of the coffee table to feed it.

As I removed my ghillie suit and pulled the blankets over myself I looked up to the celling. If this world was not more like a war zone I could happy make this my home. I continued to stare at the celling and watched light from the fire battle the shadows until I drifted into unconsciousness.

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  • Emerald

Bullets and fruit

It was the best night sleep I have had in a long time. It was still dark inside even with the dull glow of the coals from the fire. I knew it was about nine in the morning, the only reason that the room was so dark was from the blacking out of the windows the night before.

I packed up my kit and put my ghillie suit back on, I smothered the fire and started on my way to Berizeno. I knew that I didn't have far to go now, only about three and a half kilometers as the crow flies. Hopefully there is less action from the infected today and I don’t have to follow quite as many tree lines.

As I moved out of the house and into the forest I could still hear the sounds of the infected in the scrub around, they were so close to me yet I could not see them. They must not have been able to see me either as none of them gave chase.

I continued east until I came to the open fields of Polana. The grass that once fed the livestock around the outskirts was now quite overgrown and looked like it had not been touched by human hands for years. A small breeze made the dandelions quiver from side to side, I could feel the heat of the sun radiating off them, for that brief moment it felt warm in an otherwise cold place.


After passing Polana I approached the far east tree line, I decided to follow it to a deer stand that was marked on the map. With any lick it might have some supplies stashed at it.

There was nothing of value at the deer stand, after all the effort of sneaking up and neutralising the infected seemed like a waste of time and energy.

As I moved down the ladder and into the tree line I heard the sonic boom of a round fly over me. I hit the ground instantly and shuffled behind a tree. The shots were coming from the old Polana factory, it sounded like a mix of AKs and M4s. I peered around the corner of the tree to get a better look and could see quite a bit of movement coming from the factory. I flicked open the scope protector of my M104, adrenaline running in my veins ready for a fight. There is no way they stand a chance, the distance is too great for their weapons and I have the higher ground.

The gunfire was no longer peaking in my direction, it must have been some stray rounds from the group trying to put down the infected at the factory. I looked through my scope down into the compound. There was a blue betty van and a tan UAZ parked in the middle, I count 6 survivors. Looks like they were looking for spare parts on the UAZ it look broken to shit, missing windows and a flat tire, not to mention the steam coming out of the bonnet.

I watched them for about half an hour before deciding to continue on my way. It had been a while since I had seen any other survivors, but I had to stay hidden until I receive new orders. “Intel gathering only” I was told, that was 2 months ago how much intel do they want?

I moved down the mountain side to the western side of Nizhnove. I could see the apple orchard in the distance, the thought of the crisp sweet taste of apple advanced my walk into a run. Exhausted I collapsed in the middle of the orchard, my legs burning from the lactic acid build up. As I lied on my back looking up into the trees, my eyes darted left to right looking for any remains of what looked like an apple. The season for them was nearly over but there should have been a few left on the trees.

After two hours of searching I had found a dozen apples, some big some small. As I took a bite into my first apple I closed my eyes and thought of home.

For those few seconds I was in another place…

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  • Emerald

Red Back One

After my rest in the orchard I gathered myself together and decided to head south. I keep to the tree lines closest to the coast feeling the gentle sea breeze whisk across my face.

With a full belly of apples I was taking my time, there was no rush and before I knew it I was in Solnichniy. I sat on the hill between Three Valleys and the Solnichniy quarry to rest. It was only mid afternoon but I had to think of somewhere to set up camp.

There was a small pond to the west of three valleys, there I could fish and pitch a tent. I came across no infected as I made my way to the pond, I always had better luck in the south.


Once I got to the pond I set up camp and started a fire. I didnt feel as safe as I did at Black Forest but it was better than Cherno. As the sun began to set I could see the fish start to come to the surface. I took out a small can of spam and cut its contents into small pieces to use as burley. I cast out my rod and sat as I opened up my last remaining beer. As the bubbles began to fade I thought of my supply situation.

I'm going to have to start looking in people's houses again to get more supplies, I'm starting to run low on basic items. I never liked doing it, even though the world had fallen on its ass it still felt like stealing. Sometimes you would open up a house only to find undead still occupying the residence.

While I was pondering on what to do the following day I felt my rod start to move, looks like I'm having fish tonight. After thirty or so minutes I had caught three decent size fish. I cooked one and left out the others to dry.

As I lay in my tent listening to the small flicker of static in my radio I heard a faint voice. At first I couldn't make it out, but after fiddling with the frequency I found that it was Anthony, an old member of my unit in Afghanistan. We had crash landed while trying to drop off humanitarian aid to Chernogorsk the year before.

We were currently in a group called the Grey Fangs, they were an awesome bunch of guys that were combat ready and we knew them well as we met most of them from the Watchers after we left SASR.

Anthony explained that he was thinking of leaving the Fangs. I begged him to stay as we had been in the same groups since we landed, but he wouldn't have a part of it. I asked him what he was going to do but he didn't know himself, just that he was going to leave.

We talked until our radios were about to die, but before that we came to the same conclusion. We were going to form our own group. One that was ours, one that we could be proud to call our own. We went with our old squad name Redback One.

Once the radio cut out I lay in my tent looking up at the roof.

The Redbacks are back.

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  • MVP

Good job J.D. Nice formatting which makes the story overall a lot more pleasant to read.

Ill try to read more when I get the chance.

Well done so far, keep it up! :)

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  • Emerald

The Birth of Redback One

The sounds of thunder clashed against the hills to the east, as if every god in the heavens was using it as a snare drum. Rain pounded on the tent like a continuous waterfall making it shiver from side to side as if it was going to give way at any time.

I had to get moving, the storm was going to destroy the tent and I would be left sleeping in the open again. I quickly packed up my important items and grouped them into a single garbage bag. I pulled all the pegs out in one go as the ground was soft and becoming quite muddy. I roughly rolled the tent up and headed towards the coast looking for an old barn to take shelter in till the storm passed.

As I got closer to Solnichniy I noticed a large red and white radio tower up the hill to the north. I could possibly gain shelter and charge my radio at the same time, providing that the generator still worked and had fuel.


While I battled up the muddy hill and closer to the tower the rain began to let up and the storm migrated out to sea, the thunder still echoing in the background.

When I approached the tower and the surrounding structure I found that there was no sign of any undead roaming. I took advantage and hung my tent to dry in the old control room below the tower. I searched around looking for a power source to connect my radio to charge.

I found an old generator around the back, it was in such bad condition that not even the amazing June the mechanic could fix it.

I then started searching the building for any form of power I could use just to get a bit of juice in my batteries. In frustration I kicked one of the large boxes holding up the tent and it came crashing down, the sound of breaking glass ringed through my ears.

As I rummaged through broken wood and shattered glass I realized that there was a bunch of do it yourself solar power kits.

After much cursing and two blown kits later, I was able to create a trickle charger for my radio. It didn't charge very fast and it wasn't enough to get the control panel in the tower working but it was a start. While I waited for the tent to dry and the radio to charge my attention reverted to the tower.

The tower still looked like it was in good condition with only small sections of surface rust visible. I looked around for the connection of the tower to the console in the control room, I found a number of shielded coax cables running up the wall and into what looked to a junction box and into the back of the console. I ran inside plugging the connecter from the junction box into my radio. With fingers crossed I turned on the radio. There was nothing but static.

Disappointed I decided to get some sun and dry off from the storm. As I looked into the sky the tower caught my eye again, what if the problem was up there?

I grabbed my tool kit and began to climb up the large red ladder stretching to the top of the tower. I followed the cables the whole way checking each one that connected to some form of dish or antenna. getting closer to the top I noticed that there was a number of cables that had been pulled out by someone or something.. Or maybe it was even the storm that knocked them out. I screwed all of the cables back into place and fastened them tightly.


I made my way back down the tower and connected both my radio and the repeater into the power. This was the moment of truth, maybe now I can get a signal out. I grabbed the receiver my hands shaking from nerves and the cold.

"Survivors of Chernogorsk. This is Warrant officer Dyson of Redback One."

Looking down at unit badge before continuing.

"Some of you out there may know me, some of you may not.

Redback One has been here in the fight against the infected and standing up for what is right for some time now.

But the time for war is over. The time for survival has well and truly begun."

Pauses and closes eyes before continuing

"We have lost a lot of good men and women over the years.

Friends, family, lovers, husbands, wives, sisters and brothers. I feel your pain.. We feel your pain."

Looks back at patch.

"Redback One will be branching out creating its own ranks, its own rules, and its own community.

I put an invitation out to all. If you wish to join stay on this channel and wait for directions.

Warrant officer Dyson of Redback One, Out"

Before leaving J.D. punches some Morse code into the emergency transmission system and plugs it into the repeater. He flicks on his radio as he walks out the door and listens to the transmission.

... ..- .-. ...- .. ...- --- .-. ... / --- ..-. / -.-. .... . .-. -. --- --. --- .-. ... -.- / ... . . -.- .. -. --. / - --- / .--- --- .. -. / .-. . -.. -... .- -.-. -.- / --- -. . / ... - --- .--. / -- . . - / .- - / --. .-. .. -.. / .-. . ..-. . .-. . -. -.-. . / .---- ...-- --... / ----- ....- .---- / ... - --- .--. / .-. . -.-. .-. ..- .. - -- . -. - / -... . --. .. -. ... / --- -. / - .... . / - . -. - .... / -.. .- -.-- / --- ..-. / ... . .--. - . -- -... . .-. / ... - --- .--. / -... . -.-. --- -- . / .- / .-. . -.. -... .- -.-. -.- / - --- -.. .- -.-- / .-- . / - .-. .- .. -. / .. -. / ... ..- .-. ...- .. ...- .- .-.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ..-. . -. ... . / - . -.-. .... -. .. --.- ..- . ... / .. -. -.-. .-.. ..- -.. .. -. --. / .-- . .- .--. --- -. / --- .--. . .-. .- - .. --- -. / ... - --- .--. / ... . . / -.-- --- ..- / - .... . .-. . / --- ..- -

//To read the Morse code go to http://morsecode.scphillips.com/jtranslator.html

//To play Morse code while reading click HERE

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  • Emerald

Thanks guys :-) its good to know people read it lol

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  • Sapphire

10/10 would read again

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  • Emerald

The Rise of Rog Castle

After the meeting at Blunt rocks and Riffy, word had started to get around about RedBack One. Survivors and other group members alike wanted to join the ranks and help in forging the survivor community.

The past weeks were overwhelming, it was good to see that there are still good people out there. For the most part we had all been nomadic, only to live in tents and move from forest to forest, however a larger number of us started to hang around the castle of Rog close to the south coast.

The castle was a large stone tower that peered over the tree line, it gave access to the hills and open plains for miles. The main tower was surrounded by decaying stone walls with a large gatehouse that once long ago posed as its main entrance.

Due to the protection that this castle gave and the remoteness of its location it was a perfect place for us to rest.


As time went on we began to repair some of the walls and construct even basic looking shacks in order to escape the harsh environment. A member of another clan even gave us the plans to a makeshift guard tower, once constructed we were able to store supplies and put another roof over the growing number of members. Rog was now home.


Trade began to play a big part in the life of Rog with other groups traveling to exchange goods for food and supplies, some members even trading their transportation to use our facilities and stay the night.

Every member in Redback One knew what needed to be done, from the break of dawn to the setting of the sun. Gathering, hunting and material scavenging played as an everyday chore to most members of RBO. We made sure sure that the tents and stashes were full for the public to use if they were ever in trouble and we were away from the camp.

For the most part everything was good, groups respected the camp and we were able to act as an aid station for survivors that were hard on their luck.

Rog was beginning to serve in its role by helping the remaining souls of Chernarus find their way.

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