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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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False Ban

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This was about TP theft, hacking?... and crabwalking. Well, I will admit I was crabwalking and was probably ruining the RP experience for others. But hacking and TP theft?! No. I believe they said they were missing a rust M4, but I had an OC-14. And yes I did crawl under someones ural, but not to take their stuff, but because I was being stupid. I was bored, tired, and waiting for something to happen. That's also why I was crabwalking. And I had gotten all of my gear legit. And yes, I did die. It was an accidental suicide. I was on the scaffolding in TP and I was trying to come down but I went to fast and flew off. So yeah, there you go.

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  • Emerald

Your appeal need to be in the format below or it will be ignored.

 [color=#FFA500][b]Link to the source of punishment (report/post):[/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]Why the verdict is not fair:[/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:[/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]What would you like to achieve with this appeal:[/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]What could you have done better?:[/b][/color]

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You've had ample time to fix the format on this appeal.


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