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Rough Ideas/Suggestions


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Hi All,

So I have played DAYZRP for a while now and during my time have dotted down a few things I feel could be changed/implemented into the game. These are merely basic/rough suggestions I had so please do not take it as me hating on DAYZRP as it is quite the opposite, also not being a scrip-tor I don't know if these ideas I put forward are possible or not so please refrain from insults due to my lack of knowledge.

Item Loot: I want to first start with item loot. One thing I have noticed on Dayzrp is that their seems to be quite a bit of loot around for an apocalyptic wasteland. I know from experience that if I die or get robbed that all I really need to do is simply head to the nearest town and I am nearly restocked with all the supplies I had before. I feel that if items such as guns, ammo, food, drinks etc. we’re not so easy to come by people would be a lot more hesitate on wasting ammo/supplies and be more encouraged to trade these basic supplies with others at outposts like at the Trade Post for example.

NPC Stores/Merchants: Now obviously not everyone is going to have supplies to give players who are in desperate need of it which is why I feel having a few merchant stands put in at outposts would be a nice feature put in. Now I know a lot of you are probably thinking what’s the point of having less item loot if all a player has to do is go to an outpost merchant if they will have all the supplies which I feel that a nice way to combat this is that a merchant is only able to sell supplies based on what players have managed to scavenge from the wasteland and sold to them. This I feel would help players who may want to simply play the role of a scavenger

Money: Now I know this may seem like a weird thing to include in a wasteland but hear me out (taking the idea from Fallout). I feel that if the game had some sort of currency it could go nicely with the idea above (NPC Stores/Merchants) So how exactly these two ideas will go together is basically if you want to buy something from the Merchant you need to have the right amount of money but going back on my previous suggestion that Merchants can only sell what is given to them. So if a Merchant only has a certain amount of supplies left of a particular item food for example then the value of it will increase which would then encourage players to go out scavenging for supplies for the merchants to sell.

Scout Outposts: With the current war going on with the Council I thought it may be a cool idea if the CTC had put about 2-3 scouting outposts in certain locations around the map. These wouldn't necessary be incredibly big like the Trade Post but just big enough to house a few players at a time which would be open for players to head to if they needed to rest up. (I know CTC members will not be able to stay there 24/7 so a roleplaying sense could be that they are currently out scouting and merely use the scout outpost to rest)

Map Markers: In order for players to be aware of where other outposts/settlements are that when they come to the Trade Post if they go inside the building in between the market and CTC area, I noticed that there is a map on stand which I thought it would be a nice feature they if they interact with it the map within their inventory will then have markers placed on it containing the location of other known outposts/settlements.

Bounty System: I thought I would be a cool idea that players that are renowned to cause troubles could have a bounty placed on them however in order to stop anyone from anyone placing a bounty I feel that the CTC should be the only ones capable of placing the bounty in which to avoid KOS the CTC has asked that all wanted Men/Women must be brought in alive for the bounty to be claimed.

Now these next few ideas are to go with the main ideas stated above:

-With loot becoming something harder to find I feel that it should take longer for your food and water to become critical so for example having a drink or a piece of food would last for 2 hours before you have to eat/drink something again.

-Again with loot becoming less accessible for players to find perhaps have a slight increase in backpack inventory slots to allow players to carry just a bit extra for when they do supply runs to either

A-just to keep for them self and not have to worry about having to scavenge for supplies all the time

B- In order to help give Merchants more supplies to sell

-As I stated above a Merchant can only sell what supplies that he has in his stock which he can acquire from players from two ways...

1-Players can give these items to the Merchant for free. I know some of you may ask why not simply hand them out for free then, which the answer to that is simple, sometimes other players don't want what you are trying to give out for free at that current time so rather then that player simply getting rid of the items he has gathered or wait around until someone does want them they can simply give them freely for the merchant

2-Merchants will buy supplies from players but at a lower price then what they sell them for.

-Money can be acquired by either scavenging to sell items to merchants or other players. The other way is by looting zombie corpses however the money on the zombies could have eroded over time so you may get about $5-$10 out of every 1-5 zombie corpses.

(Going with them using notes as a currency and not coins)

-In the off chance that a merchant has too many supplies then they will ask to have the supplies transferred to another outpost. The way I see this working is that a CTC will drive a vehicle (This will help prevent people from simply stealing the supplies) however just like how a clans symbol will be on the side of the vehicle a specific logo clearly showing it is transporting goods which will appear on the side of the vehicle.

This is to inform any bandits that they are carrying supplies which they can use to role play and steal the supply crate from the vehicle, however to avoid them from simply taking the vehicle and we end up with a large convoy of cars driving around the CTC has a failsafe with the vehicle having an explosive attached to it should it get stolen.

This can be incorporated with the hero type of players as well as the CTC will ask for other players to protect the supply crate in the vehicle in which when they arrive at the destination will receive a small pay for their work.

-With the scout outposts. I see these as being used to set up small events, for example the CTC scouts have managed to capture someone (council or otherwise) however due to a shortage of manpower require Hero players to escort the captured target back to the Trade Post for interrogation. The Council aware of the capture will send a small team to retrieve the captured member with the players objective to get the captured target back to the Trade Post in which if they succeed will then receive a small pay for their work.

-The bounty’s can be viewed by accessing a small postage board at the Trade Post which will bring up a small menu showing the players who the CTC have asked to be brought in for questioning.

I know these ideas need to be looked at further to be looked at properly for the roleplaying sense but I would really like to hear your thoughts on these rough ideas I've put forward.

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The loot and hunger/thirst system has changed in 1.4 so see how that goes.

Merchants, kinda defeats the purpose of DayZRP. We're about player interaction, not with AI. This is just my opinion.

A form of currency has been discussed before I believe, and it was decided it probably wouldn't work. There are a few groups out there who have formed their own currency and role-play that out.

Bounties are something that can already be done, with players just role-playing it out themselves. I don't think we need a system to manage something like this.

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Too CTC dependant. -1 from me

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Sorry, I don't really like any of the ideas, why? just doesn't feel it at all.

Maybe a bit less loot but other then that...

Got to agree with Kreathor here. Especially about NPC's and money

, takes away from RP and money makes no sence in a zombie apocalypse imo

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Sorry, I don't really like any of the ideas, why? just doesn't feel it at all.

Maybe a bit less loot but other then that...

Got to agree with Kreathor here. Especially about NPC's and money

, takes away from RP and money makes no sence in a zombie apocalypse imo

Well.. it could make sense as people are trying to make a new civilization, like making currency so you will have to pay for things and such.

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The NPC and money... Please no for both suggestions.

End of the day the main way of trading in an apocalypse would be small supplies. The currency would become things like beans and medical supplies. No need for money ples.

NPC's just generally suck. You can't RP with an NPC ;)

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