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Adware virus but changed browser should I be concerened?


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  • Emerald

A few days ago I clicked on a wrong site while trying to download a MP3 file, It installed ad ware that could not be removed but only worked on my Google chrome I uninstalled the two ad ware files but they continued to remain as constant extensions on Google chrome that would always return, I uninstalled my Google chrome and switched to firefox, Should I still be concerned about this bullshit virus?

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  • Emerald

Check out Malware Bytes, it's a great tool to get rid of a lot of stuff like this.

Thanks man, I honestly dont see the reason scumfucks go out of their ways to make viruses like that, Probably telemarketers as a full time job, Assholes

Can someone mark this as solved? Thank you so much Kravok <3

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