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I was just a kid who wanted to do new things so when I went to college I made the just great choice to join the air force what a load of shit I got put in in squad with a bunch of douche bags and chicks who cut their hair short and yelled IM INDEPENDENT I NEED NO MAN. So after weeks of training I got put in Africa on a tour of peace fixing radios and cars sometimes helicopters but still it was boring man did I ever eat my words. This group of sick fucks who use kids as soldiers called the lord’s resistance army decide to attack the town I’m in I got a nice piece of shrapnel in my gut. I must have spent five weeks in the hospital I got out with a purple heart and some nice cash. I sat around my home town for a few weeks working in an auto shop until my buddy Kenny tells me about this research trip he’s going on and that the crew need a mechanic told him I was his man. So I went with him a few weeks at sea and stopped in Chernarus this one chick was sick so we had to take her to a hospital it was that bad. that's when shit got real we were put in some army camp then shit hits the fan the people who were sick started running around biting people what the fuck? the solders don't know what to do they open fire on the crowd killing every one during the panic I grab some stuff I don't know what’s starting

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An ok start. If I'm being very critical...

Spelling errors. Capital letters missing. Use ',' to break up the sentences. To make it easier to read also use paragraphs. Definitely needs more content as well. An ok start but more to improve.

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