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Account deactivation / removal.

Guest RJB97

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Guest RJB97

I know that if you do not post a thread without a certain period of time, your account is removed. If I were to for example post a reply on another user's thread, does this start the cycle again? Or am I required to make my own?

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  • Legend

moved to questions

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This thread should be moved to Questions though, but for now this works.

Anyways, any post made in any area except for the farewells and introductions thread counts. It is recommended that you try to make a meaningful post every week or week, but I believe if you do not at least try to be active for a month, your account will be deactivated.

Edit: Terra, you are too quick!

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  • Sapphire

You only need to have 1 post count for your account to be safe. Anwhere outside the introductions thread and the forum games thread goes toward your post count.

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