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Self Made Music - Share your tunes!

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Thought I'd share some tunes that I created using Fruity Loops and I wanted to see if anyone else uses the program! Could maybe give some tips, or suggestions, as I'm enjoying using the program to create soundtracks for my videos!

Share your work if you have any!

(I'm only posting the ones I'm okay with, the others you can listen to on Soundcloud xP)

Newest Track - Some trancey shit with my vocals xD

A Random Teamspeak Song - Why I don't have a Girlfriend!

Electrocity - Some Electro shizz

Third Progression - DnB ya'll

I'm sure you'll all make me look terrible by posting your amazing pieces of produced music!

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  • MVP

Liking the first one "Newest Track" and the Pompeii but I think that the Pompeii one needs the singing speeding up to keep up with the beat of the track itself.

Good work.

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I got a band but I don't really like to advertise it so here's a couple of songs I did on my own:



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Long ago I tried my luck at producing low quality "hip hop" beats for the fun of it. I will share with you some of the ones I believe to be the better of what I made. I have given up on it now days. Most of them are horrible others were praised. They were made with ACID and random cut loops.

Here are three that I like the most.




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