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The Memories and Journal of Zakhar Zukowski

Guest Likurja

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Guest Likurja



"I was told that most of the army was stationed on the border for somekind of quarantine around this little country called Chernarus, however small platoons like mine were stationed in bigger cities to help keeping up order, people were on the edge the media denied the fact that dead corpses were walking in Chernarus but they couldn't shut down the internet.

People were nervous about what would happen if the border falls, small riots happend due to that, nothing too major, the polic dealt with it."


(Russian police detaining a thief, he though he could break law in this times without problems)


"The dead appeard in Volgograd, we dealt with it pretty fast before anything could have happen.

Poeple say that more will come and that some got bit.

We will see what will happen, riots are happening more often now, nothing we can't handle people still run away when they see guns in our hands, I don't want to use it on people thou.

We were ordered in squads to patrol around the city and check on random people see if we catch infected."


(Zakhar (in the middle) and his comrades on patrol)


"More and more cases on infected appearing in the city, riots are getting more brutal now, somebody blow up a bus today."


(The blown up bus)

"We are bringing in everything to prevent riots and the infected.

They say that the infected are taking over some parts of the city.

We are setting up checkpoints to only let healthy people in, infected people will be executed, there is no other way anymore if we let them live we might get over run."


(The Millitary checkpoint)

"Things are getting more and more intense we don't know how long we can last like this.

We ordered evacuation through air, it appears that the dead surrounded the city, its all up to the helicopters now."


"This is it, the day of evacuation, soldiers left their post and everyone is passing the checkpoints, we can't tell who is infected and whos not people are running to the helicopters and in the distance you can see the infected running after us."


(Originally the goverment never sent any evac helicopters so they arrived with rockets, after using everysingle rocket they landed to gather up as much people as they could.)

"I gave my seat to a mother with her baby, I quickly grabbed my stuff and gathered up the people who were still down there then we started running up the sky to the office buildings.

We could heard the last radio transmission over the dark night before a huge explosion went off.

Here we are now, the first half of the city is destroyed and the other half is completly over run with dead, and we...we are up here in the sky."


(Overlooking the overrun apartment buildings of Volgograd)

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  • Sapphire

Oh boi,

Nice read! Looking forward to more of this. I always enjoy it when people use this story I created for Volgograd.

Keep it up!

And maybe check for spelling errors

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Guest Likurja

Day by Day

"First day of our new life, organize people and make them not panic.

What a messy day.

We fortified the windows and we blocked downstairs with whatever we could to keep the ocea of death on the streets, check every floor and every room for infected or anything which needs to be removed.

We entered floor 22, it was filled with a horrible smell, we looked around slowly.

The room was dark we could barely see.

I turned my flash light on to see a pile of dead bodies infront of me.

Dimitri runs up to me and freezes seeing the dead bodies."

"Что за...что с ними случилось?"

"I slowly get closer to inspect one of the bodies."

"Они были съедены живьем..."

"It appeard they all were attacked by infected and got eaten alive.

We looked aroun to find the infected who did this.

Nothing... all empty, but what to do with the bodies?

Get them on the roof and burn them.

Nobody voluteered for the work, everyone was scared what if they catch the infection from the bodies so we locked down floor 22."

"Next thing I know this goes on for weeks and eventually months, 1 year of

building gathering people and organizing."

"Get up at 5:00 AM in the morning get your daily salary and manage it because you won't get more.

Our supplies were limited and due to the amount of dead outside it was inpossible to gather supplies down the city, fortunatly it will hold for a couple of months but after that we have to live with what we find."

"When we find survivors we first shout at them in Russian most of them understand it straight away but sometimes people outside of Russia travel here. Those people seemed to be skillful survivors with a lot of supplies. From them we created the first scavenger squad. They knew what they need to do, they get a list of supplies what they need to get and they are sent of their way with the best equipment we have in Volgograd."

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Guest Likurja


"There was a reason why Maxim was the commanding officer of the troops stationed in Volgograd and there is a reason why he is in charge of New Volgograd."

"New Volgograd I like the name."

"So where was I, oh yes what I did in the army? Tell people what NOT to do. Maxim's job was to tell us what to do. Still I help around him now as one of the "high command". As I said he has is ways that make him different than the regular."

"For on instance, how to keep the scavangers motivated to risk their lives everyday to get us supplies. I would tell them they either do it or they can fuck off and die alone. Well Maxim has other ways.

Money. Yeah it from far away it makes no sense why would you give the money, money doesn't worth anything anymore. But this basterd found a way to have money in Volgograd. Millitary grade bullets worth gold right now. Ammo is short and why would we shot that in to a few zombie if more gonna come back anyway. So we make our own shitty hand made bullets to kill anything we see. Not as deadly and it will definetly fuck up our guns faster than regular bullets but oh well, you have to live with it."

"Thats right bullets as money, buy your supplies, furniture, better apartment with bullets."

"Scavangers get more bullets if they bring more stuff so its one thing they will actually risk their lives but they also try hard to get as much as possible."

"Everybody knows there will be trouble makers, people who don't give a shit, people who thing killing everything will keep them alive.

Well they are not a problem either, the streets are filled with zombies, they either sort their problems in their brain which makes them want to be full psychopath or they can go die on the streets.

Internal trouble makers get locked up in the prison or even worse they get thrown into Floor 22."

"There is a new thing we form, 3 branches of New Volgograd: The Explorer Division, The life Keepers and of course the citizens."

"The Explorer Division contains the Rangers, The Pioneers and The Scouts."

"The Life Keepers are the guards and scavengers."

"And the citizens are obvious."

"I don't know what Im gonna do, right now Im registered as a guard but I still run around in the High Command. I might step into the ranks of the Rangers. We will see."

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Guest Likurja

The Day Off

The scavangers have been sent out.

For what?

We don't know, all we know is they get extra payment for this run than for any other.

What are they recovering?

Guns, Ammo, Food or something special?

To many questions are in my head, expecially since that drone arrived.

Black, gray silver? We don't know its fast, only stays for 2-3 minutes then takes off from the city. Who operates it and why? Why didn't we shot it down, why didn't we tracked it down. Tracking it down...hmm...

Yesterday the scavangers went to an old factory and found a bunch of intact rubber suits. Now we can clear Floor 22 with out fear of infection.

Apperently something big is being planned there which requiers that special thing that the scavangers are looking for.

I just found it out whats happening from that kid with that calandar, he's saying its New Year soon.

We celebrate tonight, Floor 22 is now a pub and that special thing is the finnest liquor that the scavangers could get.

*Laughter and music can be heard as people aproach the pub*



For a moment we forgot everything about whats going on out side.

For a moment nobody cared about whats gonna happen if we run out of food.

For a moment nobody went around giving orders.

For a moment people were happy.

Hey Zak!

Эй Alex. Enjoying the party?

I would but tonight there going to be an important announcment made by Maxim so try not drink to much aye?

Yeah, yeah whatever, what does Maxim what tonight anyway can't he say it tommorow?

No this is more important... oh look here he is...

*The music shuts up and the speakers power up as Maxim starts speaking*

Good evening citizens of New Volgograd I hope all of you enjoy your day off!

An important matter has been on our shoulders for more than 2 months now, the survice drone.

Yasha Rodchenko Captain of the New Volgograd Scouts, Alexander Faith First Headranger of the New Volgograd Rangers and Nikolai Volkov Overseer of the New Volgograd Pioneers are starting an expedition to track down the drone and find out who operates it.

They will hand pick the people they see good for this expedition but you can sign up for yourself if you wish to go with them.

Thank you for listening and please welcome Natascha Kapustin, she will continue to keep the mood up with her guitar.

*The speakers power down and Natascha starts playing her guitar*




Zakhar I need you in this one come to Maxim's office next week's Monday with the rest of the people if you choose to come with me.

I don't force it on you.

You don't need to force it on me because Im comming anyway, hah.

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Guest Likurja

The New Begining

Most of you already know about that drone flying to us everyday and everynight.

Expect to move out after the drone somewhere in October.

Its not going to be easy, most of you either have been handpicked or decided to come but if you want to step back do it now, there will be no coming back once you leave the city.

Find out who is operating the drone and why, if its a threath to Volgograd try to destroy it.

Thats your main object, once you got the intel use one of the long range radios and contact us a soon as possible.

You're secondary object is to enstablish and outpost if Chernarus is a suitable land.

Look for survivours who can help you, try not start any trouble with the locals, you can expect that not everybody will be like us here.

If the main object fails and you don't find out whos behind it, then focus on the secondary object, enstablish Outpost South Zegoria codename "Anchor".

The Rangers will go first and clear the path for the rest.

The scouts will move towards more into Chernarus all the way to the main city while the Rangers will prepare Anchor and gather intel on the possible local groups.

Once this is all done the Pioneers will move into Chernarus and finnish Anchor at the selected localtion.

Its the 2nd of January, you have a lot of time to train and prepare.

5 Months later

This is the day ladies and gentlmen.

Today the brave men and women of New Volgograd will move out and beging its journey towards the unknown land of Chernarus.

Good luck out there!

With this said, a long and painfull journey have started.

Many men and women have fall to Russia's nature or to bandits.

About 7 months of hard traveling, the Rangers have finally arrived to Chernarus.

With heavy losses 87 people of New Volgograd have made it into our to the outskirts of Chernarus.

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