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Carib Jodar:(Grey Wolf) Wiki


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Carib Jodar: Grey Wolf/Ranger/Vigilante

Carib Anthony Jodar. Born under the name Carib Jodar but going by several different titles. Carib was born and raised in Florida from the beggining of 1993. Born under the parents Alice Jasmine Jodar and Anthony Eduardo Jodar. Was an active 'vigilante' during his time in Florida with the help of the group Vigilance and slowly became some of the most famous and well known of Vigilance. Currently, he resides in South Zagoria as a Survivor.


  1. Basic Details
  2. General Aspects
  3. Family and Upbringing
  4. Life in Miami
  5. University Years

  1. The Outbreak
  2. Early Days
  3. The Outpost Rangers
  4. The Watchers
  5. FMDS
  6. Current Day
  7. Friends

1: Basic Details:

1. General Aspects:

Carib Jodar(Anthony)was born in 1993 in the month of December (10th of December). He is 5'5' and weighs approximately 150 pounds. He is a Caucasian with brown eyes, black hair and a black goatee. He is heterosexual and is very close minded. He never passed his driving test, but managed to get his bikers license.


Carib Jodar pre-outbreak Vigilante Outfit

Masked and in Florida

2. Family and upbringing:

His mother being St. Lucian and his father being Peruvian, due to the American boiling pot. He has a brother and a sister, his brother, Nicolas Jodar,currently dead and sister, Jennifer Jodar, currently missing, Carib was the middle child of the family. : Carib Jodar (Born in 1993) and Jennifer Jodar (Born in 1995). His brother was the eldest of the family, but due to Nicolas's death in 2009 became the oldest. Carib's entire family was born in Florida. His father was an Ex undercover cop that took the wrong turn in life and suffered drinking and drug use, but from a early age showed his son's how to shoot and defend themselves. This was later used for no good by Nicolas, being used for his street Gang, the Northern Kings. Nicolas later died in 2009 by a shootout from the cops after a robbery in the local gas station, the one who prevented Nicolas's escape, was Carib. His mother, Alice was a nurse at Miami Hospital for children and served there for the most of her life. His sister, Jennifer Jodar, is a currently a student.


A picture taken by Carib Jodar of his sister Jennifer Jodar

3. Life in Florida

Once his father left the family after a divorce due to his addictions, They where left to be raised by their mother who was a Strict Irish Catholic and wanted his children to have a successful, and peaceful life. Carib and his brother and sister lived alongside their neither in the city of Miama for the most of there life until teen to adulthood. Carib (Wolf) During this period and Miami being a very popular place at the time they went to a local School named: Miami Gators Creek High. All of them had a hard time in Algrebra except for Jennifer. Here, Carib made life long friends: Anthony Corvo ( A half hispanic half black fello) and Lydia Everdeen (Friend of both Carib and Jennifer, a mainly Caucasian and Nordic woman who, during teen years, had a small crush on Carib).


Overview of the city of Miami

4: Teenage years and University years.

In Carib's teenage years is during the time he lost his own brother, Nicolas Jodar. Before, he was a simple teenage kid with a dream of becoming a famous writer featuring horror, fictional, and fantasy books. Due to his brothers death, he made a personal vendetta to end the gang his brother was involved in, the Northern Kings. He couldn't do this alone, but he was determined to do so and get back for what they did, in this process, Carib met Vigilance, a group dedicated to fighting hostile gangs that may disrupt peace, and to protect humanity. Ultimately, this made him become the person he is. Carib raised in the ranks and grew a name for himself within Vigilance, and became a popular hero of Miami being known as 'White Wolf'.

After three years of searching, fighting, hunting, he finally had gotten rid of the Northern Kings for good, all without killing anybody... except for his father, Anthony Jodar, the leader of the Northern Kings. Anthony Jodar turns out, used being a undercover cop to protect his gang and business, and his 'family' was only a cover up so that he wouldn't be so suspicious. The family he had created to protect himself, had also ended him.

In 2011, January 15, Carib retired from the hero ways and left Florida, heading off to study in Austin Texas, in the university of Austin Texas. There he studied literature and art, and began his work to become a writer. In March 4th, he released his first book labeled 'White Wolf', following the fictional character John Wright's adventures as a combat based Vigilante in the setting of Miami, it became a big hit and sold 2 million copies, but what everybody didn't know was that it was just a self portrait of Carib's past, molded into a new character.


The University of Austin Texas.

1: The Outbreak

One month prior to the outbreak, Carib was in the middle of creating a new book, but lacked the encouragment to do so. He decided, with the wealth of his succesful book, that he'd travel the world with his family, in hopes that he'd get more encouragement to write more. He also saw it as a way to repay his mom for all the work she had done for him, as Alice had never gone anywhere else but St. Lucia and Florida. So, off flew Alice, Jennifer, Anthony Corvo, and Lydia Everdeen, first starting travel in France, then later on to Spain. One week prior to the outbreak, the landed in Russia, and in to Chernarus, where they settled in the International Hotel. This was there final stop, but they were all denied access to leave due to the outbreak becoming more and more aware.

It was when Cherno was hit by a massive hoard of zombies and military started to roll in did everyone panic. In this panic, the entire International Hotel was set a blaze, currently with mostly everyone of the family inside. In the process of escape, Alice Jodar, was killed, burned to death and smashed by rubble. Carib, Jennifer, Lydia, and Anthony all managed to escape, but all heading in seperate ways. To Carib, all of these people are now missing, presumed dead.

2. Early days:

The early days took place a week after everything began to settle down and things became quiet. Carib, using the stuff he learned in Miami, would now put this to the test in a country he knew nothing about. He spent most of his early days in a home outside Novy Sobor, hiding away and looting nearby cities to survive, dependent on the water well just outside for hydration. Hope soon fell when the well became dry, and he was tired of hiding away. He decided to leave and look for survivors, in hopes that he'd get help and find his sister, Jennifer, or if not, his friends.

In this process, Carib met the Free Medics, and the particular medic he met was Dr. Christophe Lauret, a french doctor who not only healed Carib but taught him the basics of health and how to stay alive. Shorlty after, Carib met the rest of the Free Medics at there encampment, Pobeda Dam. A peaceful, but slightly frightening, place to setttle. There he met Jarvis Seisst, Derek Steel, Othuyeg Tribble, and Barbra Tribble. To Carib, these people were the oddest bunch of friends he'd make, but friends none the less. With there help at Pobeda Dam, Carib would begin searching for his sister, but after day and night, with no trace or sign, he gave up the search and only hoped for the best.


The house Carib spent most of his early days at hiding away.

3. The Outpost Rangers

After Carib gave up one his search, he seeked to find things that would find him busy, he attempted to join the Free Medics but was denied due to his lack of Medical training, and therefor, seeked other opportunities. The Free Medics talked to him about The Outpost Rangers, not medics, but damn good at being the hero. He took up there offer and had a message sent to the leader of the Rangers known as Tomeran. It was a week later that Carib got a message back with a meeting place and time, and at Pobeda Dam, Carib was recruited in to the Outpost Rangers.

At the time, there were not many other rangers, and Tomeran had been busy either with other rangers or rallying survivors for incoming survivor hoards. In the end, Carib was mostly alone during his Ranger career, handing out supplies and weapons to anybody that passed his way. He traveled almost everywhere in Chernarus and thus, learned the land and the terrain like it was the back of his hand. It was also during this time that he began to learn how to use his signature weapon at the time, the Crossbow.

Then, the Elektro outpost was setup, in the beginning there was very few traffic and the place was mainly managed by a few people. Carib saw it as a better home other then Pobeda Dam, which during this time was now a hot spot for bandits and drunks. It was later, during the winter, that people started to reside and come to the Elektro Outpost. Carib with the help of Mace and other rangers began to help out these new passersby's, and some of them had interesting stories to tell, in the process, Carib learned of the Watchers.

As more people came, the more it became dangerous, and soon bandit activity began to rise and thus, the fall of the Outpost, after a devestating Council raid was taken place on the camp. Carib's home was gone, and decided being the kind of person that only gives supplies is no hero, and thus, turned to the Watchers.


Photo of the Outpost, the photographer is unknown. (No, seriously, I don't know who's this is, if you see this, please post, I found this on Google Images.)

4. The Watchers

After expressing interest in the Watchers, Carib was swiftly introduces and recruited in the Watchers, only because he was already known by some of the higher ups, including the leader himself. To Carib, it was a way to finally bite back at banditry, like how he did back then in Miami, he could finally use his skills again. However, being in the Watchers was more stressful then he thought.

It became tedious work to Carib, hiding, running, giving away his food to the others. He never reached any higher rank then he did, and that was because of a tragic event that took place, only a month after Carib joined. The revolution began, and the Watchers became seperated, lost, or joint in other groups. Carib, in the midst of it, vanished along with the others. Not much else is known during this time period, other then him being north.

5. Current Day

Today, Carib has returned back to Chernarus, and is currently in a group that he'd rather not be in, but has to in order to find a family that had taken care of him when he fled North. This family, was captured, and most likely killed, by bandits. He only saw the car head South, to the Direction of Chernarus.

He hopes that, with his group, he may find the people that captured the family, find the family, and kill the bandits for doing harm to the ones that had taken his family. However, he knows that those chances are slim, and in reality, it is only a excuse to find his sister again.


A symbol associated to the Watchers, now associated to the group Carib currently is in.

6. The FMDS

Following the events with "The Fallen" Carib was led to astray to another group he had already been used to call friends, bordering a new family. In this time, he joined the Free Medic Defense Squad, a group created to protect the Free Medics. This was a important chapter in Carib's timeline, as this was where he was "cleansed" from his evil thoughts of revenge, redemption, and drinking thanks to the very leader of FMDS "Derek Steel". Carib had been in no active duty during his FMDS days, but as soon as he was recruited promoted straight to an Operative (A rank higher then recruit of the group) due to the amount of trust the group already had of him.

Towards the end of Derek's leadership, Carib had begun the search of his sister with new evidence of her whereabouts and is still now on a ongoing search as to where she is. He gets closer every week, with new clues and more speculation. Today, he's left the FMDS after Derek's 'step down' of leadership, now primarily focusing on searching for his sister. He is still considered a close friend of both the Free Medics and the Free Medic Defense Squad, and will most likely remain that way.

7. Friends

In the early days, Carib befriended Dr. Christophe Lauret, a French Free Medic who took him in and showed him the basics of survival, and the basics of health. Now dead, Carib will never forget what Christophe had done for him, and never forget the things he taught him. Through Christophe, Carib met other Free Medics, including Jarvis Seisst, Derek Steel, and Fraser Martin. Carib likes to consider them as close friends, but time has separated them, and mostly they're separated, it's a surprise if Carib even remembered who Jarvis was.

SweetJoe was someone Carib met along with the Free Medics, and there past consisted of drinking, smoking, and talking by the fire. SweetJoe had even tried to help Carib find Jennifer, but they never met that goal. SweetJoe was the first to receive Carib's Ranger Pendant, a necklace that was a sign of true friendship.

Carib also during this time had befriended a Russian named Borotov, he never really learned about his past, nor did they share last names, but they shared some of the greatest moments together at the end of the night sitting by the campfire. Borotov is the one of few that has received the Ranger Pendant.

Fraser Martin however, was Carib's best friend during his career as an Outpost Ranger. Carib himself even recruited Fraser Martin in to the Rangers, and Fraser saw Carib as a form of a idol. Fraser, being homosexual, became attracted to Carib as well, but was never around long enough for him to make a move. There were even some rumors of Carib and Fraser being more then friends, but all just fake rumors. If Carib were to have been asked out by Fraser, he'd most likely deny it or just awkwardly walk away.

During Carib's Watcher period, Carib became most fond with Staggs, a veteran Watcher with a strange past he knew nothing about. Staggs was Carib's personal 'mentor' in to becoming a Watcher, and had even began running through the tests. One test included Carib having to react to a man being killed, a man that rested upon the life of Carib, this man was Conor Samuels. Staggs played it out as if he was going to kill Conor, and Carib responded by pointing his weapon at Staggs. Staggs had even asked to be shot, but Carib, due to his past as a Vigilante, and his career as an Outpost Ranger, didn't. Carib became the first ever Watcher to beat Staggs at his own game. Today, he is in the same group with him, along with Conor Samuels, and in today, Carib and Staggs relationship is mutual, along with Conor.

This thread was inspired by Stagg's Wikipedia article found


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Damn Carib that is awesome! Really enjoyed reading it and gaining some OOC info about your character!

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Very nice! I'm glad to see someone else has made a pretend Wiki. :D

Very organized and informative. ::thumbs up::

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Soooo much metagaming information!!! Owww goodie!!

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Soooo much metagaming information!!! Owww goodie!!


Oh and thank you everybody, it was me just getting bored the other night but not feeling like writing my other RP threads, but I have new inspiration for those so... expect updates on my other threads soon!

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