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The "Yogventures" Controversy.

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I bought the Yogventures Kool-Aid back in 2012. No idea why, its not like I watched a whole lot of their videos by that point, but I did regardless. When the (now inaccessible) alpha got into the hands of backers I knew that somewhere, somehow, somebody fucked this idea up. It was laggy, most of the things in it either didn't work or worked in the wrong way, and there literally was a key that spawned mobs in just to fuck you up and you had to reset the entire bloody world because there was no actual way to kill them.

Well yesterday The Yogscast pulled the plug. I kinda forgot about the game really, I sometimes found its icon in my app drawer and thought about looking for updates, but never did. The news didn't really surprise me, I actually thought they quit already. I checked my e-mails and found an e-mail from "Lewis" (actually an automated bot using his e-mail. Really need to remove the bots name if anyone is supposed to believe that) stating that the game was cancelled and promising a Steam key for a game called "TUG". Later that day I got another e-mail with a key for the game and a lot of bullshit about how much better it is then Yogventures.

A bit of detective work and I discovered that "TUG" actually costs $9.99 while I payed $20 for Yogventures. Not like I was expecting to get my money back, I'm actually quite amazed that I got anything back at all. This just goes as a lesson to NEVER Kickstart anything. There are the success stories like "Broken Age" and "Guns of Icarus", but so far Kickstarter games really haven't given people exactly what they promise. Even "Star Citizen" hasn't shown a full life demo of the game they are attempting to make. No one is expecting them to this early on, but it is still not a safe assumption to jump to the conclusion that It will be successful because it got a lot of money.

Oh well, I guess i'm off to explore the world of tug boats...

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Yogcast. I enjoy their videos but to be honest with you many things have happened recently which make me question their entire company from a moral perspective. Kickstarter projects failing isn't ever good but it can happen, it's what you sign up for by investing. The issue personally is the tone used to inform backers of this.

Correct if i'm wrong but I was informed that the email says "Although we're under no obligation to do anything, instead we're going to do our best to make this right, and make you really glad you backed the project!" That idea is a nice one but it comes across as incredibly tone deaf and business-like. Why even mention that they don't really have to do anything but are going to anyway? It's almost as if they are trying to make you glad they are even bothered.

More worrying to me though is the recent controversies around their youtube practices, things like bullying developers into paying for videos, revenue sharing and focusing solely on the money and not the games or fun. When I first started watching yogscast I enjoyed their videos because they clearly were having fun playing games as friends. They didn't care what game was being played or how, they didn't even worry about sub/view numbers that much. Nowadays it seems the opposite.

Some links to explain the situation -


^The game they are giving away to backers is one which they now have a strategic partnership with for video coverage and revenue share.


^Revenue sharing with space engineers which is never mentioned in any of the videos and the only way to tell it's payed for is a small line in the description stating its part of the YogDiscovery program (this is legally grey)


^interesting piece about why this is a bad thing


^The actual post from Yogscast detailing the program. Key part here is "YogDiscovery allows them to partially negate the financial risk from playing games that aren’t guaranteed views and be more genuine about playing the games they want to play." They are worried about not getting enough views and not making enough money. Disgusting.


^Probably the best article written about the whole thing which features more than just yogscast.

But yeah the whole state of it is pretty despicable to be honest - especially considering their biggest fanbase are kids between 8-14. Kids that won't understand what YogDiscovery is - just payed for advertising disguised as editorial content.

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I don't understand why worrying about not earning enough money is "disgusting" - they clearly turned from just a few hobbyists doing videos for fun into a business, you labeled them as such yourself. They have long since quit their day jobs and are making their living on Youtube, so of course it is a worry they have to constantly think about - internet community is unpredictable and they could be cut off from what is essentially their life funds almost instantly.

Whether they are communicating well or doing mistakes is a completely different issue. In the end, they are still just a bunch of "kids" (mentally, at least) trying to run a business here. I've never found any of them particularly smart and they fell into Youtube fame more or less by accident. I don't think there's ever been a business plan and they just do things as they go - which naturally leads to mistakes. But this isn't a big company with experienced managers and financial backers, it's still just a bunch of friends suddenly thrown into making money from what is their hobby.

Mistakes are to be expected, and considering who they are, I think they deserve a little leeway there. People are looking for mistakes specifically because they're successful but young. That Reddit post, for example, is full of people ridiculously nitpicking on the language used in replies and conspiracy theorists.

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