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[JOKES] Interest in a (Russian) joke thread?


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I have this fairly old book here, with a ton of mostly Russian related jokes (pertaining to a variety of topics). Is there any interest for me to translate some or many of these to be posted for the enjoyment of the general public?

An example would be:

A young scientist developed a new type of analog clock, the pointers of which would jump ahead by one second every time someone swears. To test this new system, the Russian government hung a couple of those clocks in various places:

- A kindergarden

- A school

- An academic institution

- A barracks on a military base

After four months, they go back and check how much the clocks are ahead to measure how much people swear.

In the kindergarden, the clock is speeding by about five minutes.

The school's clock is ahead by a few hours.

In the academic institution the clock is ahead by almost a day.

The clock in the barracks was missing. When the military personnel were inquired as to the origins of the clock, a praporsjik (lower level officer) replied:

'Well, you hung a damn ventilator on the wall, and it's mid-winter, so we threw it out!'

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