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Installation problems

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I'm trying to get into the DayZRP servers, and while I've been downloading it I've run into some trouble. I downloaded the launcher fine, and the DayZRP mod file is where its supposed to be, the problem I'm having is with the Arma2OA patch the server uses. I downloaded it, and opened the zipped file. I try to extract the Arma2OA patch, and it gives me some stupid error, telling me that there is a more updated version for download (1.63). I already have that version installed, so I don't know why this is happening. I've also tried to download 103718 through DayZ Commander, and I still get the same error. Any suggestions?

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Glad to see this was solved!

Thank you Clammy for your help solving this thread ;)


Go to Arma 2 OA Properties


Go to Betas - 1.62 older version of the game


Make sure you extract the files ;)

Marking as solved


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