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Old Headset Broke, Need New One

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So, by the title you can tell my headset has broken and i need a new one.

It was a pair of JVC headphones

JVC HAM5X Xtreme Xplosives

They were fairly good and i enjoyed the time they lasted.

Lately i have upgraded alot of my "gear" to Razer.

So i was looking at the Razer Kraken Headset (without microphone)

But the razerstore is over-priced and i can't find the product without the microphone elsewhere (unless anyone else can find one let me know)

What other headsets around the £50 area is there that are worth there money?

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Razer headphone build quality, to put it bluntly, is terrible.

Get some nice openbacks and enjoy the comfort. These things are literally velvet on my ears.


Such Expensive, very wow..

It was worth it! Had these boys for three years now :)

Need to keep most of my dollah for holiday otherwise they look awesome xD

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Guest magw33d

If you are looking for something similar but a bit cheaper, Thomann have B-Stock available of the DT-440.


I've bought B-Stock from them before and it has been good quality.

The DT-440 is sonically alike to the 990 (although the 990 has a 80hz presence of 2db and 5khz more headroom (as if 30khz isn't high enough already)), but has a plastic outer which will fit tighter than the steel one that the 990 has. In general they are comfortable, but it will depend on how large your head is as although they are adjustable they aren't malleable.

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Whatever you do don't get Razer headsets. I had a Blackshark and it broke in two months. Also Logitech headsets are not very good. They sound like your in a tin can and feel awful. Personally I bought a pair of a40s and never looked back.

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I have those DT990s aswell and i love them, if you are going for open back headphones just know the sound leaks from them, allot. (and get the 250ohm version, and make sure your pc has a good enough sound card, some most mobos can run them well but with some they sound not as good.)

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  • Sapphire

Dont get Turtle Beach X11s :( Ill I get is negativity about my echoing, I just dont understand why people cant accept me and my echoes for who we are.

Damn you and your damn echo's

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