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Hoping im accepted

Guest Hank Hill

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  • Titanium

Welcome to the community and good luck with the application, check out the following links if you're having trouble.

  1. FAQ
  2. Rules
  3. Staff List
  4. Guides and Tutorials

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Welcome! Remember to post somewhere outside this section so your account won't be pruned! If you have any questions fill free to pm the orange guys.

I sell propane too, btw.

....no, no I don't.

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  • Sapphire

Hope you get accepted dude! Oh, and please say god dammit bobby hill for me. :troll:

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Guest Phalix

*sees several king of the hill jokes*

*contemplates for about 5 minutes*

yeah this is pretty much dayzrp's welcoming party in one thread.

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Guest Hank Hill

I messed up my KoS description.... I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Now that I know old Hank will be accepted by everyone I shall stop at nothing to spread the good name of Strickland Propane across Chernarus!

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