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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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My survival videos

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Please be so generous to maybe subscribe and stay active on my channel(YouTube).

I'm not that generic kid who plays minecraft, I play mostly survival games, like dayz and others that I can find. I just got white-listed on this server a few weeks ago and I thought I would make some DayZRP videos in the near future, and I want you to be around to check them out.


Please leave any feedback on this thread.

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Sorry if this comes off as rude but understand this, subscribers and viewers are at your channel to b entertained, informed etc. They are not their to be generous or kind, I know it is tough getting started but try and not sound like a charity, tell us what you can offer to reel us in and then prove it in the videos. What I mean when I say "what can you can offer" is more than using the stereotypical I'm not a minecraft kiddie because it still doesn't tell me what you do or entice me anyway to go watch. Tell us about what you do in your videos, why are you unique what makes you better than the rest?

Anyway that being said I will check out your videos and leave some feedback, hopefully you'll surprise me. Also sorry if my little "feedback" came off as harsh just trying to give constructive criticism.

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